Wednesday, 3 February 2016

#MidWeekTease from Drorgan...enter a dragon...

#MidWeekTease isn't from me this week

 You've got a treat in store...



He is so... yeah...ahem...

Okay so this week my #MidWeekTease is a hot piece from Doris O'Connnor, and her latest release The Dragon in the Stone. (Make sure you have a ice pack and a fan handy...)

Thanks so much Raven for letting me tease on your blog today. 
Ha, all my pleasure.
The Dragon in the Stone is my erotic twist on Beauty and the Beast, and I do believe the tease is self-explanatory.
It’s hawt, folks, be warned.
Told you, fan at the ready...

It was official. He was determined to kill her. Every slow, measured thrust of his huge cock into her channel forced oversensitive tissues apart as he grew bigger still inside of her, and despite having had one of the most forceful and bizarre orgasms of her life mere moments ago, Rhonda was poised to pitch over that cliff again. In the growing darkness around them his eyes glowed with the heat of his dragon. The same fierce, all-encompassing flames that had engulfed them the last time, stoked to slow embers between them, and Rhonda forced her eyes to stay open this time. Try as she might she couldn’t have looked away from the intensity of his gaze. It held her pinned in place as the flames licked across her skin this time, leaving flares of pleasurable pain behind.
This shouldn’t be possible, yet it was happening again. Gentler, and altogether more loving than their last frantic coupling, as Drorgan bent his head and kissed her. More heat traveled along her skin, and through her now closed eyelids she could make out the bright flames surrounding them, as she kissed him back, while her orgasm raced through her in seemingly never ending waves of contractions that made thinking impossible. Caught up in the sensations he evoked in her, she moaned her denial when he withdrew from her body.
“Shhh, I’ve got you. I need to taste you.” The heated words delivered between kisses made her reach out to him, but he caught her wrists in his, and pushed her arms above her head, while he kissed a fiery path of need down her throat, along her collarbone and finally down toward her breasts. Drorgan blew a small stream of fire over her nipples, and Rhonda whimpered as the heat scorched her skin. Flames licked along her sensitive nubs. It made them harden further, and she barely recognized the needy, incomprehensible sounds that were spilling from her mouth, when he licked the flames off of her and pushing her breasts together suckled both of her nipples into his mouth.
Every suck and nip shot straight to her clit, and that bundle of nerves contracted, sending shivers of delight across her skin. With her legs spread wide around his thighs and her ass off the ground, she had no leverage to rub her greedy pussy against his cock.  The tip of his thick shaft slid through her labial lips, taunting her with the promise of his possession once more. Drorgan lifted his head and, grinning at her, replaced his mouth with his hands. His fingers continued the erotic torture of her needy breasts, kneading the tissue and rolling her nipples between his fingers while he kissed his way down south.
Drorgan abandoned her breasts, flung her legs over his shoulders, and Rhonda gasped as a blast of hot air blew across her exposed pussy. It made her clench in need, and Drorgan chuckled, and repeated the action.
“That’s my girl. So wet and eager for my cock again. So ready to be consumed by my fire.” She winced when he found the marks his claws had left behind on her skin earlier, and Drorgan licked across the scratches again and again, until she was once again squirming underneath him. Her pussy muscles clenched and released in a desperate bid to be filled, pushing out his earlier cum, until the air between them was heavy with the scent and sounds of sex. It only served to pitch her need for him higher, and grasping hold of his hair she pushed his head down to where she needed him most.
The first lick of his tongue made her eyes roll back in her head, and jerk her hips closer to his talented mouth. When he growled and rolled his tongue again it was the forked, rough edges of his dragon’s tongue that lapped at her clit and hole at the same time. Using either end of the forked tips, he drove her insane as he took her right up the point of no return and then withdrew, before he sent a flame of heat across her quivering abdomen to lick at her breasts.
Drorgan laughed at her resulting plea for more, and repeated the action time and time again, until Rhonda lost all sense of where she was, and simply floated in a space where pain, heat, arousal, and need all rolled into each other, as her body convulsed under his talented ministrations. When he pushed what felt like several fingers deep into her channel, and curled them in just the right spot, Rhonda screamed and shook, as another intense orgasm turned her inside out. Only when the last of those aftershocks had subsided, did Drorgan replace his fingers with his cock, and slowly, inexorably pushed into her, until his heavy balls slapped her ass, and his pelvic bone hit hers. He ground his hips, causing the most delightful friction against her clit, and framing her face he started to move.
Through the roaring in her ears, and the overwhelming sensation of being stretched she heard the words she longed to hear, and thought she never would.
“You’re mine now, little dragon. All mine.”
~Editor’s Pick~
Penance needs to be paid come what may…
Several Centuries ago Drorgan was cursed into stone. Every twenty five years he is given one night and one day to find the woman willing to accept him in both forms.
It's the price to pay for his past behavior.
As a lost, lonely little girl Rhonda Butterbaugh was rescued by the dragon in the stone and she has never forgotten her fierce protector. It sparked her fascination with all things dragon. If only they were real. There are no such things as fairytales, however.
When she is attacked on her way home, and wakes up in a cursed magic castle, complete with a fierce dragon shifting lord, her life takes a turn for the surreal.
Determined to break the curse and rescue Drorgan and his kin, she hasn’t counted on Drorgan’s resistance.
Dragons aren’t supposed to be noble.

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  1. Enjoy that dragon, Raven, just what we need on such a cold day over here, huh ;-) Thanks again for letting me take over your tease :-D

  2. That is one seriously hot teaser. Great job, ladies!