Tuesday 15 December 2015

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You light up my life

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The image seared his retina. Haunted him as he waited, silent, still…hidden and alert.
 It would be all too easy to let himself wallow. To forget why he was here, what he was supposed to do.
 It’s a job, just a job.
 But it wasn’t.
 It was important. Life or death? Maybe.
Life as it should be? Certainly.
 Dare he risk it all for a wet dream?
 He shouldn’t.
But a wet dream was all he had for the moment.
To think of her, like that, waiting for him.
 To know she’d have a long wait was cruelty indeed, but what could he do?
 All he had was his imagination. His hope that soon, one day soon it would be over, and he could turn dreams into reality.
 For now all he could do was watch and wait.

All she could do was watch and wait.
 To stand as he’d want and pray that today was the day.
 That once more he’d look her up and down. Beckon her closer and say in his deep velvet voice. “It was just a job. It’s over, it’s our time now.”

And she’d try not to cry as the cords tightened and her world darkened…


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  1. Interesyinh take, and I love how you created your character in the story.