Sunday, 27 December 2015

#SexySnippets...How to sit comfortably...

Welcome to the last #SexySnippets of 2015

It's been a good year...

My last book of the year comes out on Tuesday 29th December

It's book 5 in my Diomhair series, and we learn a bit more about the club and what's going on in the area. Here Mimi is about to discuss what she thinks being a sub is all about...


Thank goodness she was wearing jeans and liked sitting on the floor—and was
reasonably agile. Mimi sat down and tucked her legs to one side although normally she would sit cross-legged in the lotus position, but here that seemed too provocative.


Alex—no, she must remember to add the Master bit—sat in the chair next to her and for one brief second put his hand on her head. Red-hot heat radiated down from his touch and she shivered—how could something so simple create such a reaction? 

Mimi shut her eyes and took a deep breath, it was ridiculous.

And breathe.

If he noticed her reaction to his touch, he chose to ignore it.

Secret's Learned is up for preorder and will be available to download on Tuesday 29th 

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Happy reading,

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  1. Ah, the yummy Alex. Couldn't think of a better teacher :-)