Friday 18 December 2015

#FFF Choices...

One picture. 100 words... Our own take on it...

This week I give you, Choices...

Now it was time to choose. Man or wolf.
Or what?
No contest…was there?
She of the golden locks, stunning smile and the ability to make him melt.
How could he ask her to give herself to him? Let him bite her and take her away.
She with a golden future.
 What had he got?
The word whispered on the air. You have yourself. Just ask, my love.
Dare he?
 Dare. Do it.
 She appeared in front of him.
 Ask me
 Will you let me take you and come with me freely?”

She smiled. What do you think?
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Happy reading,
love  R x


  1. Great flash, loved how you had this formatted to be read.

  2. Aw, love it. So mucch promise in this :-)

  3. Another interesting piece. Nice flash.