Sunday 20 December 2015

#SexySnippets Where I'm spoiled for choice

It's one of those, where shall I take my snippets from. And I have no idea...

I aught to do a Christmassy one, but...  No idea which....


"Close your eyes, pet and listen."
He waited for the count of three and then asked her softly, "what can you hear?" 
Relaxed and on her knees, head bowed and her hands behind her back, in the perfect sub pose, she strained her ears, hoping for a clue, but all was silent. 
Then faintly she heard the sound of music,which grew louder, more...
"That's here comes the bride, but someone is singing here comes my sub?"
"Well I hope so, because I'm want you to be mine for ever now, pet and let me collar you and show the world we're Sir and sub. What do you say?"

Sadly you'll just have to guess because that's my seven sentences up...

Love R xx

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(I couldn't find a picture anywhere to suit this, so it's imagination time)

MERRY CHRISTMAS... see you all on boxing day :)