Monday 21 December 2015

How about being Chained to Fate... Here's Mackenzie Williams to show you how... #NewRelease

How about being... Chained to Fate...

Chained To Fate [Revenants 3]

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, vampires, HEA]
Luke and Gabe Stone are enjoying loving Addison Mitchell. One night the threesome take a sexy and dramatic trip to a dance club for more than just dancing. While there, they run into Jett, a Revenant from the twins' past with Mrs. 
Soon after this meeting, an unfortunate incident forces them out of their house. Jett generously offers to let them stay with him. One day when the Stone brothers are out dealing with business, Jett asks Addison to go hunting with him. She nervously accepts his invitation. When Luke and Gabe return to find she has gone off into the forest alone with Jett, they are furious.  
This and a few other situations start to make the twins lose some trust in Addison. Will they stay a happy threesome or has Jett put a permanent wedge between them all?
A Siren Erotic Romance

Adult Excerpt: 
Gabe was slamming into Addison harder now, and it was even more difficult for her to stop herself from crashing against the counter and sink. He pulled on her hair a bit rougher, and she let out a loud whine. She heard him snort greedily, sounding amused behind her.
Soon his hand released her hair and moved down her side. Gabe slid his hand under her loose shirt and grabbed a breast. He massaged it harshly as he continued to fuck her. Addison could feel her climax building. His rough claiming of her body was intoxicating.
Slowly, a sense of eyes watching her came over Addison. Her attention was being pulled away from Gabe and his cock as she had the feeling of someone moving through the house. Luke. Just then, she heard movement at the kitchen table. Someone was setting bags down.
Addison tried to turn her body so she could see Luke, but all she could do was crane her neck awkwardly to the side. She caught a glimpse of Luke but just his legs. It was clear he was facing the fucking couple and he was not moving now, just watching.
Addison turned her head back around from the uncomfortable position to face the sink again. She wondered if Gabe had sensed his brother enter the room. She also wondered if she should acknowledge her other lover. Should she mentally speak to him or would that ruin the moment or worse, piss him off? She decided to do nothing and see how Luke reacted.
Gabe started to slow his thrusts but his tit grabbing got rougher. He pinched a nipple and tugged. Addison whimpered and started to squeeze her thighs together. Her orgasm was so close. Addison’s clit felt engorged, and it was pulsating, now, begging to be touched.
“Touch yourself. Make yourself come,” Gabe growled behind her.
For just a brief second, Addison wondered what Luke was thinking. Was he still just watching? She had no extra energy or concentration now, however, to use on mentally trying to enter his mind to find out. Besides, her body was ready and waiting for that climax.
She felt just slightly naughty as she moved one hand off the edge of the sink, down to her waiting clit. Gabe’s cock moved in and out of her very slowly now as she pressed two fingers to her button. As she started to rub circles against her tingling clit, she heard a masculine grunt mixed with a growl. It wasn’t coming from directing behind her. It was coming from their audience, Luke.
Gabe didn’t react at all to the sounds from his brother. His cock slid in and out, still at its leisurely pace as one hand held her back down and the other hand still held her hardened nipple tightly. Addison’s fingers quieted their movements as she concentrated on Luke. She didn’t hear anything from him but just then, Gabe spoke.
“Pet, I said come. Do it now.”

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