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#MidWeekTease where Mimi and Alex negotiate


Happy #MidWeekTease day.

I've a book up for preorder from Totally Bound at the moment.

Book 5 in my Diomhair series.

Secrets Learned, so I've decided to take my tease from there...

(Mimi is about to decided whether she'll go and look around the club)

“Ring now," Theresa said. "Tomorrow never comes. And it’s the perfect time for Alex. He’ll be home now and so you can chat to him without his mind on other things.”
It is? He is? I can?
“Oh, and you can tell him I gave you his card. He’s my little brother,” Theresa said. “Much to his disgust.”
“Right. So how little?” Mimi guessed Theresa was in her late thirties, around ten years older than Mimi herself.
“Seven minutes. I never let him forget I came first.”
Mimi laughed. “My elder brother is like that but, in his case, it’s seven years.”
“Yes, and annoying.”
“I know what you mean. You’ll know all about dominant men, then. Hold on a sec.” There were muffled voices and Mimi was sure she heard Theresa say ‘yes, Sir’. Then Theresa came back on the line. “I’ll have to go. My lord and master is home. So you’ll ring Alex now?” She couched it like a question, but Mimi heard the chairman in her voice.
“Yes, I promise.” She ended the call and looked at the receiver as if it might bite. Why had she promised? Now she had to keep her word.
Why was it freaking her out? Okay, she might not know much about BDSM, except the little she’d gleaned from books, but it didn’t worry her, disgust her or make her want to run screaming for the hills. If she was honest, it intrigued her. The thought that some people might want, need and like pain made her shudder, but she was a firm believer in each to their own. Surely this was a good chance to satisfy her curiosity? And maybe discover if she’d be interested in any of it.
Whatever ‘it’ was.
She began to dial.
The phone was answered promptly.
The voice made her insides quiver. Whoever said a voice wasn’t enough to make your skin tingle, your clit clench and your juices gather and plead for escape was oh so wrong. It was more than enough. If she hadn’t been trying to get enough saliva in her mouth to talk, she would have moaned in…in what?
“Hello…is anyone there? Or is this a heavy breathing phone call. Because I can tell you now you need to practice the breathing bit. It’s rubbish.” His voice was harsh, but laced with humour and made her want to apologise in every way possible.
“Oh, um, sorry, yes.” How could she say, one word from you and I was in a sexual haze? That would be a great way to introduce herself. Mimi bit back a hysterical giggle. “My name is Dominique Leman. I’ve been given your card by your sister, to book a place on the ‘Meet the Dom’”—she stumbled over the word—“Dom and chat to a sub night on Friday.”
There was silence and she wondered if he’d got fed up and put the phone down. “Mr Sunderland?”
“Alex will do for now. So, Dominique.”
“Mimi,” she interrupted him. “I’m called Mimi.”
“Your birth name is Dominique?”
“Yes, but…”
“Dominique, don’t ‘but’ it or argue. I’ll call you Dominique for now.”
His voice curled around her like deep, warm velvet, and she responded to it like the victim of a siren’s song. “If you say so.” With anyone else she would have argued or flatly refused to respond.
“I say so. Right, to business. My sister gave you my name? And says you should come to a Meet the Dom night? That I’m hosting?”
Why did he repeat everything she said? Wasn’t it self explanatory?
“Yes, I’m on the same forum as her. The one about what’s needed in the area.”
He sighed. “The one with people on it who think we’re an abhorrence?”
Of course he’d know that bit. Eric had a loud voice and an even louder way of sharing it. “Um, yes, so…”
“So, why you?”
Somehow she could imagine him running his hands through his hair. Was he blond or dark? Was his hair straight, curly, long or short? What colour were his eyes? Was he as fit as she imagined?
Questions, questions. It would be a pity if that voice belonged to a guy with no charisma or a body that didn’t make you want to roll over and beg. Beg? Where did that come from? Mimi dragged her mind away from hot bodied men to remember the reason for her phone call. “Your sister thought I’d be impartial and ask all the right questions.”
“And will you?”
How on earth could a voice make her thighs damp? To say nothing of those places a wee bit higher.
“Well, I hope so. I haven’t got any ideas one way or the another—not yet. That’s why I need to come and see for myself.” The words made her tummy quiver. Excitement or worry? She had no idea. “Find out what really goes on.”
“A good idea,” he said neutrally. “What do you think you are?”
“Pardon?” What on earth did he mean?


 Alex heard the astonishment in her voice and sighed. What was his sister thinking about? He was almost sure Theresa wasn’t setting him up with…well, with whatever or whoever, but what was all this about a ‘Meet the Dom, chat to a sub’ session? It wasn’t something the club did, and Friday was a busy, regular club night. Okay, he didn’t have a formal role this week, but he had thought of showing his face and maybe seeing if any free sub wanted to play. It was time he became active in the lifestyle again on a regular basis. Or so Theresa told him at least once a week. Up until now he hadn’t agreed with her.
Decision time.
“Do you think you are a Dom or a sub?” he asked patiently, wishing he could see the face and body language of the mystery woman. Hell, he didn’t even know what colour her hair was, let alone her age and knicker size.
Pervert. That thought made him chuckle. Lots of people could say that about his proclivities.
“Oh.” Her voice trembled, and she cleared her throat.
He waited.
“Tell me.” Alex invested his tone with what his sassy sister called his Mr Master voice. “Would you want to direct, or are you happy to be directed?”
“Uh.” Her voice changed. “Ah, well, either I guess. Neither one nor the other. An impartial observer, as your sister asked. Someone with an open mind.”
You might think so, but your tone is all out and out sub, pet.
Alex made his mind up.
More than ever he thought this had to be Theresa’s way of grabbing him by the scruff of his neck and making him think once more. If so, he’d either thank her or throttle her after he’d met his mysterious lady.
“If you give me your email address, I’ll email you a do and don’t list and a disclaimer. Oh, and a temporary membership form,” Alex said into the phone. “You’ll need to get them back to me before a decision is made as to whether you can be admitted. If it’s a yes, I’ll send you details of times and where to come.” He snapped out his sentences and was rewarded with what sounded like a huff of annoyance. So the lady wasn’t all meek and mild then. That boded well. Alex liked his sub to have a bit of sass.

Hold on? My sub? Whoa, man, stop it now. Whatever is going on, it’s a look around for that bloody forum, nothing else, even if Theresa has meddled. Talk about jumping to conclusions.

If you enjoyed this tease, Secrets Learned is out from Totally Bound on 29th December, but available to pre-order here

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