Tuesday, 18 August 2015

#TantalisingTuesdays Too Much Cheese...?

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Too much cheese...?

Every morning she looked for the sign.
Every morning she was disappointed.
The mist came.
Marnie blinked and looked again.
Still there.
Getting closer.
Surely it was the sign?
Tentacles of mist began to swirl around.
First the tops of the hills showed and disappeared, then the trees shimmered and faded.
The mist rolled closer.
Her heart sped up.
It had to be now.
She checked she'd turned the gas off.
No need to burn the house down, even if she wasn't going to need it again.
Still the mist closed in.
With one last look around Marnie left the building.
The dew was heavy on the short cut grass.
She didn't notice, all her thoughts were concentrated on that eerie mist with the sun reflecting on its edges.
"Hurry my love," the voice echoed around her. "Before the sun."
She ran towards the mist, the voice, her future.
Reached the wispy edges and plunged in—just as the sun burst through.
Someone shook her.
"Wake up love, you fell asleep and the kettle's boiling."
"You're here."

"I'm here, the room's full of steam—looks like it's all misty."
"I had a weird dream."
"You've been eating cheese again."

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  1. Oh you rotter, you ;-) Pulled me right into the mystery and then a rude awakening, lol. Fab tease!

  2. Well done! The flow of this was great. Nice work.

  3. Well I definitely wasn't expecting THAT ending. Excellently written