Tuesday, 25 August 2015

#TantalisingTuesdays Memories

Hi and welcome to the 200 word #TantalisingTuesdays challenge.

Today, I give you Memories...

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The scene in the movie where the heroine sat on the piano and the hero played to her haunted Dannii.
So damn sexy.
If only Jason would look at her like that.
If only.
And pigs might fly.
Once Jason put his fingers on the keys, he was lost in his own world, playing for himself.
His way to relax and recharge.
Usually that was fine, but not today.
Today she needed to be part of it.
Dannii checked the door was locked and walked softly, barefooted, across the thick carpet.
The music drew her, and wrapped around her soul.
His fingers faltered as she slid onto the lid, rolled over and put her head near his.
He cupped her head in his hand. ”Hello, my love I hoped you’d come.”
“What’s it called? The music.”
“Ahh…requiem for a lost child and a song for the one yet to be born.”
“For Jessie. On the day she would have been two.”
He nodded. “Our firstborn, never forgotten.”
“Never. So who else?”

He kissed her tenderly. “For the child I thought you might like to help create today. Now, here. I know how much you loved that scene in the movie.”

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  1. Ooh, there's a lot of great emotional core feeling brewing in this. Very nice work, Raven.

  2. Aww, *sniffs* so emotional and sexy at the same time :-)

  3. I so understand about the music and how it affects a person. Wonderful teaser

  4. Heart wrenching, beautifully written and very romantic