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Hello lovely peeps. As you might have guessed by my over excited bunny expression, I’m here to celebrate release day. Sasha, the bad boy of the The Protectors is finally here.
We all love a bad boy, don’t we? I know I love reading about them, but I love writing them even more. From the minute Sasha made his presence known, I knew I was going to have fun with him. I love making those bad boys suffer, until they are forced to reveal the softer side they all have, even if they’re only willing to show that side to their mates.
If you’re familiar with the series, you’ll know all about Sasha. He’s the arrogant, at times downright chauvinistic playboy of the bunch, who really can’t be doing with this protecting lark. It might be his birth right, but that doesn’t mean he likes getting his ass kicked, let alone for a bunch of clueless, ungrateful humans. They’re only good for one thing in his eyes—bit of convenient pussy to sink his dick in.
I’m painting a deliberately crass picture here, because that’s who Sasha is, and he makes no excuses for that, but, that of course is not all he is. For starters the formidable Mrs. H wouldn’t be putting up with his bullshit, unless she knew the real Sasha.  The one that has a room in his house full of books, including a book case stuffed full of his late mother’s romance novels, because he can’t bring himself to get rid of them.  The one who still lives in the cottage, which has been in his family for generations, and the one no female has ever set foot in…
Yeah, that was a surprise to me, too, when he revealed that little titbit of information about him. In fact, Sasha turned out to be full of surprises, least of which was the fact that he had a son he never knew about.
Kind of an occupational hazard when you’re a shifter who’s immune from diseases, and thus not always that careful using protection…
There’s one thing about these big, bad, alpha shifting Dom-ly types, though. When they find their mates, they fall hard and fast, and nothing is going to stop them from claiming what’s theirs. Throw in all the possessive emotions associated with unexpected fatherhood, and yeah, Sasha stands no chance. He falls hopelessly in love with his son, and as for his little guy’s feisty little human Aunt…
Macey is one tough cookie, and she certainly doesn’t make it easy for Sasha, which is why this book ended up being the longest in the series so far at 63,456 K. Raven will confirm that I jokingly referred to it as the never ending story when I was writing it, because it sure felt like it at times. 

(Oh yeah, lots of virtual chocolate and wine)

 I despaired of Sasha and Macey ever getting their HEA, as the sparks flew between these two. When they do finally get together, of course… well you know my characters. HAWT  is all I will say here ;-)
I hope readers will like Sasha’s story. I warn you now, I cried a few tears when I wrote it, and I fell hopelessly in love with Sasha. He really is adorable under all that bravado and hard shell, and you know wat they say… nothing as sexy as a man who loves his child.

I’m running a Giveaway to celebrate the release of Her Panther Protector. Entry is via Rafflecopter here.

A $10 Amazon or Bookstrand GC is up for grabs and two runner ups get an e-book of their choice from my back list J
[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM Romance, shape-shifters, bondage, spanking, flogging, sex toys, HEA]
A son and a mate in one fell swoop—he’ll never live this down.
Panther shifter Sasha Draven might be a Protector, but that doesn’t mean he’s in a hurry to get his ass kicked protecting clueless humans. This bad boy doesn’t do commitment, but when he comes face to face with his past in the form of his son, every protective instinct he never knew he had kicks in. He will protect what’s his at all costs.
Macey Laine thought she’d escaped the inner city violence threatening her nephew when she left Glasgow behind. The last thing she expects is to come face to face with her sister’s past in her own home. There’s no denying this bad boy biker is Kenny’s father. If only she could deny the instant connection she feels to this stranger, as easily.
Nothing good will come of this, especially when the threat to Kenny tracks them down…


“I love you to distraction, too, kitten, and where the fuck did you learn to do that so well?”
Her eyes widened at his hoarsely delivered words and filled with tears, and Sasha’s panther whined, even as she offered him a tentative smile.
“You do?” she asked. Her voice was no more than a soft whisper, and Sasha had to kiss her. The immediate way she opened to him and kissed him back with an almost desperate urgency meant he hardened anew, and Macey giggled into his kiss when she seemed to notice.
“Again, Sir?” she asked, and reached for him.
Sasha grasped her wrist to stop her, and shivers of need rolled over her skin when he bit down lightly on her bottom lip and then nibbled his way down her neck and licked along her collar bone.
“No, kitten. Time to remind you who’s in charge here, and to take you out of your head for a bit. You’re still worrying too much, I can tell.” He pulled back to study her expression, and sure enough, she frowned at him. “Besides,” he continued, “I want to spill inside you next time while I mark you as mine and mine alone.”
Macey groaned as he brought his free hand between her legs and slid his fingers through the wet lips of her pussy.
“Mmm, so fucking wet for me. I’m going to enjoy claiming my juicy pussy and this ass.” He trailed his slick fingers downward toward her butt, and Macey whimpered in need and lifted up slightly to give him room. “Yes, that’s my girl. You’ll let me, too, won’t you, kitten?” He traced her rim with one just one finger and Macey gasped.
“Yes, Sir, anything.”
The words were music to his ears, but he had to push her a bit more, so, withdrawing his hand, he left it on her abdomen. Her skin rippled under his touch, and yet more of her feminine arousal slipped out of her cunt when he looked down between her open thighs.
“Anything, kitten?” he asked, and she swallowed hard and nodded.
“Yes, Sir.”
“I’m glad to hear it, so answer my question. Where did you learn to give a blow job like that?”
Macey dropped her gaze and, shaking her head, tried to close her legs, but Sasha was having none of that.
Lifting her by her hips, he made her straddle him, an action that forced her legs apart and gave him an unhindered view of her pussy, especially when he pulled her ass forward. It meant Macey had to put her hands on the floor behind her to stop herself from toppling backward as he pulled her forward until his once-again-fully-erect cock sat up just between her labial lips. They caressed his dick like a sweet kiss, and they both groaned when he lifted her up by her hips and slid her hot cunt up and down the length of his shaft. It would be so easy to thrust into her silken depths, but thanks to the awesome blow job she’d given him, Sasha was in full control here, and he intended to savor his girl.
“Answer me, girl, or so help me, I will paddle that ass rather than fuck it.”
A gasp escaped Macey at his words, and she coated his dick with a fresh trickle of her juices as he continued to move her up and down his hard flesh.
“Maybe that’s what you need, though, is that it?”
When she didn’t reply, he lifted her up until the tip of his cock slid into the entrance of her channel, and Macey whimpered. Her internal muscles clenched and released as though she was trying to draw him inside her body, and with a growl to shake the kitchen cabinet he was leaning his back on, Sasha brought her hips down, impaling himself in the hot clasp of her body.
“Oh.” Head thrown back, eyes closed, and mouth slightly open, Macey tightened around him as he lifted her up and down his shaft. Sasha couldn’t tear his gaze away from the way her inner lips gripped his junk, and seeing his cock, slick with her juices, disappear in and out her cunt was damn fucking erotic. He indulged himself by lifting her on and off his dick a few more times, until the ever-increasing ripples around his staff told him how close she was to coming.
“Oh no, you don’t,” he murmured and, yanking her off his dick, flipped her over. He stopped her fall toward the floor with one arm around her waist until she’d got her purchase on all fours and, getting to his knees behind her, slapped her ass several times until the pale skin bloomed pink.
“I could take you right here and now, but this damn stone floor is too hard on your knees. I want you to crawl after me while we take this somewhere more comfortable.” He stood up and smirked down at her as she trembled on all fours like the kitten he called her. “Comfortable for me anyway.”
Macey groaned and shook her head, and Sasha brought his hand back down on her ass with so much force that her knees gave away.
“No? Are you safewording on me, girl?”
A sob escaped Macey and it almost made him relent and stop this right now, but then she took a deep breath in, scrambled back up on her knees and looked up at him, face flushed and on the verge of tears. It was the trust in her expressive chocolate eyes that told him he was doing the right thing by pushing her this much.
“No, Sir, I’m not. I just…Please, just take me.”
“All in good time, girl. Answer my question.”
Macey shut her eyes briefly, and when she opened them again, they were full of old hurt.
“My ex taught me. He didn’t like to have sex, per se.” At Sasha’s annoyed harrumph, she offered him a tentative smile.
“The same fool that made you think you weren’t good at sex?” he asked, and she nodded. “That just goes to show what a fuckin’ fool he was. Let me guess, he couldn’t be bothered to make sure you got off during sex, so he made you go down on him all the time?” When she didn’t reply, just stared up at him, Sasha swore and got down on his haunches in front of her. “Fuck that, had I known, I never would have…”
He let his words trail off, utterly disgusted with his handling of the situation, but Macey surprised him yet again.
“It’s okay. I hated doing that for him, but with you…seeing you unravel like that for me, that was hot, and I want to do that again, Sir, please.”
Sasha blew out a huff of relief, and she smiled that impish grin he was fast yearning to see more of.
“Maybe I’ll make it part of our daily protocol, then, kitten.” He laughed at her eager nod and then sobered.
“Thank you for telling me, baby. Anything else I ought to know before we continue?” he asked, and she shook her head.
“Only this. I was frigid with him.” She sat up and put her index finger on his lips to stop him from saying anything at that, and he frowned but held his tongue.
“Only because he wasn’t what I needed. I think that’s always been the problem. I needed, need this.” She assumed her position on all fours as naturally as could be, and smiled. “So, please, Sir, show me what I’ve been missing all these years.”

Hope that got you all intrigued. If you’re still not sure whether Sasha is worth reading, you can check out the entire first chapter of Her Panther Protector on my blog today, which you’ll find here. J

Enjoy! Now excuse me while I go back to bouncing!

Stay naughty, folks,
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  1. Thanks again for having me and Sasha today, Raven... Hmm that doesn't half sound kinky when I type it out like that ;-) *snort*

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