Wednesday, 5 August 2015

#MIdWeekTease with Lord Suitor... where Tessa wonders about someone and something

Hi All, its Wednesday and #MidWeekTease time....

Lord Suitor, the first book in the Cursed Treasure series is out this Friday.

Only two more sleeps yay...

(the free prequel, Compromised, was out last Friday.  you can get hold of it here

Lord Suitor... blurb...

Tessa put her fingers behind her head and fumbled with the knots there.
Her captor laughed quietly. "Oh, no, you don't want to do that, you know." Large and calloused hands took hers and held them tightly. "Best to stay in the dark. About everything. Even about who is doing this." Strong lips met hers, and his tongue teased and demanded entrance to her mouth, thence to mesh and dance with her own.
Tessa had thought she'd opened her mouth to object, but once he deepened the kiss, all thoughts of protest disappeared. The tingles and shivers that invaded her body were like naught she'd ever known and she wanted more. Lots more. Involuntarily, she leaned toward him, and his hands tightened before he ended the kiss to speak in a thick voice.
"No, sweetheart, no more or I won't be responsible for my actions." He put her off his lap, stood up, and pulled her up onto her feet.
Damn this blindfold. I want to see him, to touch him. She hardly dare formulate the thought "to touch him." How forward am I?
Well, if he wouldn't cooperate, she'd have to take the initiative. Tessa wasn't her mother's daughter for nothing. She moved their linked hands until she came into contact with the rough jacket she'd felt against her cheek earlier, and searched for the lapels. Once she found them, she held on to them, stood on her tiptoes to get a better purchase, and tugged hard. It was like trying to move a rock. She lost her balance and swayed forward to fall against a hard and undoubtedly male body with a bulge that caressed her tummy. She gasped, and he laughed.
"You see, sweetheart, my staff aches to be inside you."
It does? I wonder what that would be like? Luckily Mijo, her maman, had explained all about the intricacies of a male and female coming together in such a manner, in great detail. And said very frankly it was for pleasure as well as procreation. She'd even given Tessa the intimate details of how not to increase unless she wanted to.
Tessa rubbed against him again, and he groaned. "You are playing with fire." Tessa gasped as his fingers slipped under the neckband of her gown and stroked the swell of her breast. She needed to touch him, and with reckless abandon she tugged at the hem of his shirt and released it from the waistband of his trousers to find the hard hair-covered skin of his midriff. She curled her fingers into the hairs as she discovered how smooth the skin under them was.
He chuckled. "To play unsighted is such sweet torment, eh?"
Tessa splayed her fingers and dipped her pinkie into his navel. As much as she wanted to move it lower and discover just what a staff felt like, that was a step too far.
"Sweetheart." His fingers found her nipple and tightened on the hard nub.
Tessa pushed into his hand and moaned. "Oh, more." The sweet sting was almost perfect, but it wasn't enough. "Please, more."
"Do you know what you're asking for?"
She didn't, but she wanted to find out.
"Maybe you could show me?" Blindfolded as she was, Tessa felt bold, intrepid even.
"Maybe I could at that." His hand moved, and she felt momentarily bereft before her world spun again as he lifted her into his arms. This time the way he cradled her was that of a lover not a captor. His feet crunched on the ground, and then he stopped and Tessa found herself lowered onto something soft.
"I don't think my gentlemen friends thought this would be used in such a way, but to me it is a fitting bed for you, my lady."
Cold air hit her legs, and Tessa realized he, whoever he was, had lifted her skirts.
What was she doing? How reckless and unlike her normal take-no-prisoners self. Why the sudden change of heart? With an unknown man. All the horror stories and warning her maman had told her came rushing back. Strangely it was not the thought of murder that was uppermost.
"I have no sponge or vinegar," she said in a breathy voice.
"I'll take care of it," he promised. "Trust me, sweetheart."
He could be a murderer or a traitor, or... Long fingers stroked the soft skin at the top of her legs and ruffled the hair over her quim.

Or a perfect lover.  Tessa decided she intended to find out.

From friday you'll be able to buy Lord Suitor by clicking here 
And, the rest of the #MWT are here

Happy Reading, love R x 


  1. My bet is on the perfect lover ;-)

    Great tease, Raven.

  2. Oh, gracious. Yeah, I'm betting on "perfect lover," too. Awesome tease, Raven!

  3. Gotta agree with Doris and Nicola! Great snippet, Raven :)

  4. How long will she be in the dark? Great tease.