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#SexySnippets where Tessa decided what she wants from a husband...

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Welcome to #SexySnippets. Where we tease you with seven sentences from a book or WIP. Today I'm teasing from Lord Suitor which was published just last Friday...

A smuggler and an aristocrat. Who should Tessa chose?

Both professed their love for her, both intrigued her. How could she pick one over the other?

When Tessa was accosted by a smuggler her life took a turn for the better. Or so she thought. Until Nathaniel, Lord Fenniston indicated his interest in her. She had to marry to help her family, but her loyalties are torn. 

Either man could be the one, but how can she decide? Torn between them, Tessa must think hard and fast.

Luckily, fate has it’s own way of deciding, and Tessa had no option but to do as it dictates.

and your tease...

Her one night of bliss, her initiation, as she thought of it, had given her a very definite opinion of what she wanted, expected, from any marriage. 

However, and there was the rub, how could she say to someone, I’ll only marry you if you satisfy me in the way my smuggler did? You need to make my skin tingle, my insides quiver, and my body react in a way I never thought possible, so I shout and scream my release and beg you for more? Oh and your body, when it gains its own satisfaction inside me, has to react in the same way? 

It was not something she could introduce into everyday conversation. It wasn't something most men would appreciate hearing. Men were such touchy creatures they wouldn't see it as a compliment on their prowess, just the opposite. 



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  1. It can be so difficult trying to keep the family happy, often compromising your own feelings. I hope she makes the right choice for her. Great snippet, I love it

  2. Love this bit... "men were such touchy creatures" LOL Fab snippet, Raven :-)

  3. Loved this snippet.