Tuesday 21 April 2015

#TT The LastDance

time to be tantalized...

The Last Dance

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He offered up thanks for the rain. How it shielded them—almost—from view. Gave him the courage to show what he'd had.
What it was time to leave.
The red light beckoned.
They beckoned.
And still the rain fell. Like his tears for what he'd had, and would never have again.
Joshua kicked high, and watched the raindrops glisten. Saw how they—the two on the other side—embraced and waited.
And still the red light beckoned.
How long could he ignore it? Was it really time to encompass that part of him he'd hidden?
The voices told him.
"It is time."
The others told him.
"C'mon, we need you now."
And still he danced.
And still the red light beckoned.
"Enough is enough. You must do it now."
He bowed. Bowed to them, to the inevitable.
Jumped high and through the sheets of water. Accepted the pain. Took them in his arms.
So I've done it. Here I am. Now what?"
The embrace was all he could ask for. Love, trust and welcome.
"You know. Come on."
They turned, away from the rain away from what he'd left and now lost for ever.
The red light beckoned.

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  1. The lyrical flow of your word usage was captivating, Raven. It gave a sense of tempo and tension. Great tease!

  2. Kendel, you set the beat and rhythmn of this piece with your words. I don't know what any of it means, but you've hooked me so that makes it good; what makes it great is I want to read so much more to find out! Splendid!

  3. Love this, and such an awesome pic too :-)

  4. I found myself lost inside of this story ....thank you

  5. I was hanging onto every word, wanting to know more. Fab teaser

  6. It's been a long time since you've been on here, but wow, very good!