Sunday 12 April 2015

#SexySnippets where I ask you Hughes Who?

Well, good morning all (or whatever part of the day it is). I hope your day is all you wish for.

It's #SexySnippets time again. Where anyone can sign up to post their 7 sentences of a book or WIP.

If you fancy doing it next week, we'd love to see you.

This week, my 7 come from a WIP. 

I really didn't need this idea to hit me, I'm in the middle of a Regency I'm enjoying writing. But when characters shout loudly, it's the noisiest most persistent ones who win and get written.

Hence, I had no choice, and Hughes Who? is now part way written...

There's no blurb yet, and as ever, I'm just writing what they tell me.

Kenna is unhappy. She wants to get a job. Nico Hughes say's her job is that of his wife.

It's not enough for Kenna.

Hughes judge...

Kenna is on a roll...

 "No normal couple would dream of living a life like this, and hellfire now I've lost my ability to talk without cussing. Don't you understand that it's not enough. I've totted up how much time we've spent together in the last year. Do you have any idea how many days, let alone nights I've seen you.—no, sorry not seen you, that's easy I just need to turn on the TV. Let's say been able to talk to you face to face, touch your skin and feel flesh and blood."

He leant against the wall, a silent figure with dark blond hair, blue-green eyes that usually sparkled but at that moment smoldered, dark clothes and oozing sex appeal. Kenna did her best to ignore his sensuality and concentrate on his shortcomings. He looked for all the world as if she was reciting the shopping list, and it had nothing to do with him.

(unedited word vomit)

Hope it's enough to interest you...

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Happy Reading.

Love Rx


  1. Great snippet. Can't wait to find out more about Kenna

  2. Oh, loved the smouldering. I get the feeling this is going to ignite and blaze. Great snippet.

  3. Go, Kenna, I'm sure he deserves it! ;-)

  4. I can feel her frustration. What is he going to do next, I wonder.

  5. Your writing is so elegant - great snippet

  6. Great snippet Raven. I'd love to see where these two take you. x