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#MidWeekTease... Master

Time to tease...


Well, like this...

do you know... Master...

Anna glanced at her watch, relieved it was almost time for her to hand the desk over to Athol, the tall, effeminate-looking black belt in Judo who worked the later shift on reception. His pretty boy looks were deceiving, and many an unwary customer had thought he'd be a pushover, only to find they were the ones pushed over, and none too politely either.
Thursdays were her least favorite night of the week, and it was rare she was asked to work them. However, Carly, the main receptionist, had begged for the night off. Her Royal Marine husband was home on leave, and they wanted to play in the club. As much as the thought of doing so in front of however many people who cared to watch made her shudder, Anna wouldn't deny them the opportunity. She'd agreed to work and had smiled when Carly had offered to repay the favor at any time. Just because she wasn't interested in baring her body, let alone her soul in front of others, didn't mean she'd condemn anyone who wanted to.
The actual scening excited her; it was the thought of the watchers that didn't. There had been a rhyme Caden had showed her many years ago that she often repeated to herself.
My kink may not be your kink, and yours may not be mine. Whatever... If they're safe, sane, and consensual, then everything is fine. She had no problems with people having kinks. She knew she had plenty, and she'd enjoyed them when... She blocked those thoughts out before she had to disappear and find her bullet.
The ornate double doors at the back of the room opened, and Linsey walked into the reception area, wearing a long blue evening dress. What she had on underneath Anna didn't care to speculate. The reception area was strictly vanilla, much to Anna's relief. She'd never once passed through those doors and never intended to. Linsey joked Anna must be the only person in the world who worked in a BDSM club and didn't ever venture inside. Even going into their offices Anna used a separate entrance.
Linsey walked across to the imposing desk Anna sat behind and perched on the edge.
"All okay, hon?"
Anna nodded. "It's quiet."
"It's early. The main players won't be in for another hour or so yet. Talking of players, Carly's Ian had a lovely striped ass, and both he and Carly are going to be ever so grateful to you, I reckon."
Anna couldn't stop the shiver that ran through her body, and she swallowed.
I cannot be sick. She knew the shiver wasn't only fear; however, Anna was one of those people who sometimes showed extreme emotions by throwing up. It had made for some embarrassing moments in the past.
She could only hope Linsey either didn't see her reaction or chose not to comment. Of course being Linsey, she did see and did comment.
"Anna, honey, it isn't all bad, you know. You should try it again. I'll be happy to ease you back into the lifestyle anytime you want."
The trouble was Anna knew who was the only person she wanted to do that, and he came with too many extras for her to contemplate it. Even if he still wanted her, and somehow she doubted it.
A buzz sounded, and Linsey looked at the tiny pager strapped to her wrist.
"Damn, duty calls. That’s Antonia ready for my help. Remember what I said, if you want to feel the sting, I'm the person to show you. The club is there for you." She smiled and walked towards the members’ rooms.
Anna pressed the button to release the lock and allow Linsey through the doors.
She let out her breath in a whoosh. Why, when the idea of being on show revolted her was she wet, and her thong damp? The thought of anything to do with the play in public part of the lifestyle terrified her. The old familiar feeling of clammy skin and pins and needles in her arms began to bombard her. Her vision became blurry, and she began to pant.
Oh god, no not here and now. With enough presence of mind to turn her chair around to let herself put her head down, Anna took deep breaths and waited for the ringing in her ears to go away. She hadn't had an attack for years, and now that was twice in a matter of days. Damn Linsey, she knew not to mention anything about the lifestyle. It was easier to show a dislike for everything rather than try to explain things she wanted to forget. What with worrying when Caden was going to turn up, Linsey talking about Ian's and Carly's enjoyment had been the last straw. Obviously Linsey had decided she wasn't going to let Anna bury her head in the sand any longer. Anna wished Linsey had held off a bit longer, at least until the dreaded visit from Caden. Once that date was firmed up, Anna was taking holidays. Or calling in sick. Or leaving. The knowledge that she may have to speak to him, that he might want explanations terrified her, even though the thought of seeing him again had her vibrator on high.
Cool hands on the back of her neck made her scream. She jerked her head up and hit a wall of hard body. Hard male body.
"It's okay. Take long, deep breaths. Breath through it: let it flow over you."
The voice rumbled through her, and her nipples became hard, tight, tense, nubs as if someone had clamped them. Oh fuck, that’s all I need, my bloody body responding to his voice like that.
The hands—Caden's hands, there was no doubt in her mind it was him—began to massage her neck. The memories flooded back. Things she had been suppressing for years.
No, please let me be. I can't feel for him again, not if I value my sanity. Against everything her body demanded, Anna struggled upright and shrugged her shoulders. To her vexation he didn't let go of her, and if anything his hands tightened.
"Let go of me." To her intense annoyance, her voice was thready and not at all assertive. It was no wonder he ignored it, and Anna began to struggle.
"Stop it." He was all authority. Anna's clit responded automatically. Her pussy walls tightened, and her juices collected before coating her thighs. Her breath hitched, and she gasped. All of a sudden her throat was dry, and she needed fresh air. By-herself-no- wet dream-inducing-man-around fresh air. He was still kneading her neck as he rubbed each spot he knew was guaranteed to arouse her even more. The chuckle he gave was the last straw. Anna remembered something he'd taught her about self-defense all those years ago, gathered her fast dispersing senses, and used it. He doubled up with an oufft, as her elbows hit his torso. His hold on her slackened, and Anna twisted out of his grasp and almost sprinted around her desk. She mentally thanked whichever god watching over her that day had not let her conscience trouble her over wearing ballet flats. 
Anna had never worn a pair of heels since that fateful night so long ago, and had no intention of ever doing so again. It had been one stipulation, along with her never having to enter the main club that swayed whether or not she accepted the position. When she had applied for it, although she'd wondered about Dommissima, the job description had swayed her misgivings about applying. When Linsey had agreed to her demands, she'd accepted the position and from day one enjoyed it all. Anna had no worries about other people enjoying the lifestyle; she just knew it wasn't for her. Not now. Not again.
The look on Caden's face was almost enough to have her on her knees before him. Almost.
Intervention in the shape of Linsey coming through from the club stopped Anna from doing something very silly. In her mind, if she'd have had time to react to him, she'd have made a fool of herself. Or heaven forbid, done something that would have cost her her job. Linsey glanced from one to the other and obviously summed the situation up.
"Master McCourt?" Unless you knew her, you would never know the smile was forced, and the concern in her eyes was for Anna. As Anna did know her, she was somewhat comforted by the thought that Linsey would protect her.
Oh god, I'm losing it. What has Linsey got to protect me from? He's not into force, and I'm sure as hell not into agreeing to anything he wants. Anna concentrated on regulating her breathing and watched as Caden exerted his charm on Linsey.
Linsey might not be into men, but Anna saw the exact moment Cade won her boss and friend over. It was no wonder he was at the top of his tree. His presence was enough to command respect at a dozen paces.
"I know it's unexpected, but I found myself in the area," he said suavely. "And as we agreed, I would like to look round before my evening of demos"
"You can't," Anna said. "You haven't registered. It'd be illegal." Oh god, word vomit, shut up.
He raised one eyebrow in a manner that would have had every sub in the vicinity on their knees and trembling. In fact, once upon a time, Anna would have been the first person to assume the position. No longer. She glared at him.
"Anna, Master McCourt is..."


well who is he?

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