Wednesday, 1 April 2015

#MidWeekTease where Debra plays nurse *wink*

it's time for #MidWeekTease

(braam has tried to break a fight up0

The doors open and a disheveled Braam got out. He’d shed his jacket somewhere, his once pristine white shirt had a smear of what looked like blood on and there was a rip across the shoulder seam. His eye was puffy and dried blood congealed on his cheek. He looked like he’d gone half a round with a champion boxer and lost.
His head was bowed and he stepped out of the lift with weariness in every move he made.
He lifted his head.
“Deb? You waited?” The look of tiredness vanished from his stance and he

straightened. “Thank God.”
“Yes, well. You been refereeing a stramash?”
He looked bewildered. “I don’t know, have I? I’ve been helping the guys on the door.

Some assholes thought they needed target practice and chose Howard and Andrew. I helped the idiots to realize the error of their ways. The trouble was they took a bit of persuading.” He touched his right eye gingerly. “Is it black yet?”
Debra stood on tiptoe and held onto his shoulder for balance.
Braam winced and she dropped her arm and swayed. “Oh, shit, sorry. Are you sore there?”
“Honey, I’m sore everywhere. One of the bastards jumped me from behind and then ran off.” He shook his head gently. “I’ve got to go back down and give a statement in a minute. I told them I needed to get cleaned up and ring head office, so I could come and explain. I honestly didn’t think you’d still be here. So thank you.”
The kiss he gave her was soft and gentle, but Debra’s reaction to it wasn’t. Blast. One touch and I’m jelly.
Deb wanted to melt into him, but mindful of his aches and bruises, she held herself back just an inch.
“Dammit, woman, kiss me back properly.” Braam muttered the words against her mouth. “I need you.”
He held her so close the heat of his body warmed her. Her skin tingled, goose bumps covered her body and the hairs on her arms stood on end.
Well, if he wasn’t bothered about hurting himself more, why should she be? Deb sank into the kiss, mindful not to touch his puffy, bloody cheek. She welcomed his tongue into her mouth and swirled her own tongue around it. Braam groaned and held her ass so his cock pressed against her. It was hard and to Deb, in her instant arousal-befuddled state, enormous. It didn’t put her off from sliding one way then the other over it, though.
When he lifted his mouth, she felt empty. That emptiness was soon changed to excitement, as Braam nipped his way down the nape of her neck and nuzzled the top of her breast over the neckline of her dress.
“Wanted to do this all the time you sat in the lounge.” His breath skittered over her skin as he spoke. “Wished we were alone and I could do this as well.” He nudged the neckline down an inch and his cheek touched the soft swell. “Ouch and fuck. Wish I didn’t hurt.” He pressed one long, sucking kiss to where the top of her boob met her chest then stood up. “Hell, Deb, as ever, one look, one touch with you and I’m almost out of control. I’m sorry.”
His look was so reminiscent of every boy who’d been caught doing something they shouldn’t, Deb had to force herself not to laugh. “No you’re not, don’t lie. You enjoyed every minute of it.” She paused and ran her hand gently over his cheek, the one farthest away from his rapidly swelling eye.
“True enough.”
“Good, so did I.”
His eyes widened and he grinned. “Ouch, don’t make me smile, laugh or cry. It hurts

too much. But I’m not forgetting that. Rain check and to be repeated as soon as possible.” He tucked her hair behind her ear. “Please?”
“We’ll see. Perhaps, maybe.”
He lifted the eyebrow of the non-injured eye.
“Yes, more than likely. Now is there anywhere around here I can clean your face up

before you go and get grilled?”
“My room, I guess. Over there.” He pointed to a doorway in a corner at a right angle to

the lift. Debra hadn’t noticed it before. It was the same color as the walls and set back from where people would walk.
“Come on then, or there will be people looking for you before we’ve finished.” Debra heard the double entendre and waited for his comeback. He didn’t make one.

“Thank you.” His voice was flat and unemotional. “So much for our talk.”
“Well, we can talk later, let’s sort you first.” Deb took his arm as they walked the few yards to the door. “Key?”
“Key? No, no key, er numbers. Hold on.” He slid a tiny panel to one side and pressed the pad it hid. “Now push.”
She pushed and the door opened onto a carpeted corridor. Two doors led off it, one marked ‘Fire Escape’. The other had no tag.
“For whoever needs it. I’ve been sharing my time between here and home for what seems like forever.” He pressed another keypad and opened the door.
“Welcome to my parlor and all that, except I couldn’t jump you even if you let me. I’ve got a nasty feeling my bones will seize up if I make any unexpected moves.” Under his tan, he looked gray.
“Sit down before you fall down. What is it with men and not admitting how hurt they are? Are you sure you’re okay to report or whatever? Should you not go and get checked out by the doctor or something? Where’s your first aid kit?” She snapped the questions out as he sank into a large button-back chair and closed his eyes.
“Door on the left, top drawer, right-hand side. Thank you. I’ve been checked out. One of the guests is a doctor. He agreed I had bruises and a cut on my shoulder. I was lucky— Howard called the police and the siren scared them away.”
Debra didn’t say anything but went into the next room, a compact bathroom, with little to mark it out as his. She found the first aid kit and went back into the main room. Braam still sat where she’d left him.
“Braam, don’t go to sleep.” She spoke sharply and he opened his eyes. Oh, Lord, what if he has concussion? She tried to remember her first aid course but all that ran through her mind was R. I. C. E.
“I won’t and before you go all worried on me, I’m not concussed just knackered. Oh and annoyed that I’ll have to put our...” he paused. “Chat off.”
“Well it’ll wait.” Debra took hold of his head and gently wiped the blood from his cheek. He immediately looked one hundred percent better. “Do you have a clean shirt or something? So you won’t scare the punters and it’ll make you feel more with it.”
“Yeah, good idea. Thanks, honey, I feel half human.” He stood up and fumbled with the few buttons still left on his shirt. Debra watched his contortions for a few seconds. 

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  1. Poor Braam. Great dialogue and I'm sure she'll have fun playing nurse.

  2. “Dammit, woman, kiss me back properly.” Braam muttered the words against her mouth. “I need you.”
    Um, yeah, I need this book. xoxoxo.

  3. Love the dialogue, great tease Raven :-)

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  7. Sometimes things go a bit pear-shaped, and that's when you find out interesting things about the characters. That's precisely what you did here, Raven -- great job!