Thursday 2 April 2015

#NewRelease... The Witch's Protector... Meet Henry...

Lucky me, I have Doris O'Connor and her fab new book, The Witches Protector to spotlight today...

And the cover... *Drool*

As for her inspiration for Henry... I'm almost tempted not to share but keep the picture all to myself...

However, I'm going to be nice...

(I make no apologies for this picture being in here twice...)

Now I've wiped the drool up, so over to you Doris...

Hello lovely peeps. Excuse the over excited bouncing, but I have a new book out you see. Well, duh, of course you see, because why else would I be doing my demented bunny impression on Raven’s blog.
I still get terribly over excited on release day, and I reckon the day I don’t is the day I need to hang up my writing hat, and do something else. It’s just such a privilege to do something I love and to know that the ramblings of my mind have been liked by my publisher, editor, and will hopefully be liked by you, the readers.
As a panster writing is always an adventure to me, and this particular series is no exception. I first conceived the idea for this series when we were on holiday in Cumbria. All those wide open spaces, the fells, those pretty little villages tucked behind twisty roads…. Yeah… perfect shifter country.
Originally I intended Her Bear Protector (book one of the series) to be a little short stand alone, but Ronan and Tina had other ideas. The book morphed into a much longer story then I had first envisaged, and I fell utterly in love with a side character called Mrs. H. She is the resident witch, and I just knew that I had to tell her story next, so The Protectors, the series was born.
Still, Mrs. H remained close lipped about her story, until I came across this picture.

I wrote a flash for it, and it stayed with me. I had a light bulb moment in fact, as to how Mrs. H met her Henry, and once I started writing my fingers flew. What’s more Mrs. H revealed to me the names of the other Protectors. Leon, Eva, and Sasha, and for the first time ever I wrote a series in order.
The Witch’s Protector is Mrs. H’s and her Henry’s story.
Her Lion Protector is the story of Mrs. H’s daughter Rebeca and her lion shifter Leon and releases April 28th
The Vampire’s Protector is Eva’s story. She’s an eagle shifter mated to a vampire and will release May 26th
Her Panther Protector will be Sasha’s story, and is yet to be written J
Originally that was going to be it, but I get the feeling the series will shift into London, as we have a new character appear in the later books. Master Sabre is a tiger shifter and head of the London Protectors.
So, who knows… lol. Like I said writing for me is one grand adventure, and I’m always humbled when these characters trust me to tell their story, and I have no say in what that is. I’ve learnt long ago, to simply shut up, and take dictation.
Now, if you’re still with me after all that rambling, let me introduce you to Henry and Mrs H.
[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, shape-shifters, witches, werewolves, consensual BDSM, sex toys, HEA]

~They’re the men mothers warn their daughters to stay away from~

In 1957 the tiny village of Middle Brook is caught between two warring MCs, the Mongrels and the Lupines. As a fledgling Guardian witch, not yet in full control of her immense powers, Joanne Lilley knows to stay away. When she witnesses the Mongrels leader being run off the road, the instant connection she feels to the wolf shifter changes everything. Is he the one destined to awaken her?

Henry Hastings is the Alpha of his pack, and the village’s Protector. He’s a man with a vision—all shifters will unite against the evil that haunts Cumbria at night—something the Lupines vehemently oppose. Finding his mate is a young and innocent witch, wasn’t part of that vision, but the fates have decided.

Being with him places Joanne in danger, as her awakened powers are sought by his enemies.

When disaster strikes, Henry is faced with an impossible choice…

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I’ve picked you and exclusive and HAWT excerpt too. You have been warned.

“No.” That one word came out much harder than he had meant to be, and Joanne firmed her lips, and slid to her knees in front of him.
Fuck. How was he supposed to keep his composure with her kneeling like that, looking good enough to maul. Her pale skin still held the sheen of her earlier arousal, and his dick lengthened and hardened further, until the flared tip of it pushed through his waistband and he had to undo his jeans or cut off his blood supply completely.
Joanne’s eyes widened, when his cock sprang forth. Slick with his pre-cum already it ached for her touch, and seeing her lick her lips again, meant he was in serious danger of shooting his load right here and now.
His wolf growled low and his claws ran out and pierced the fabric of her arm chair, as he grasped hold of the sides to stop himself from burying them in the red mass of her hair, and force her head down on his cock. He had to remember that she was new to this. They hadn’t had that discussion yet, and he’d already pushed her far too hard. The fact that she had been with him every step, even now grew wetter, as she took in his erection didn’t mean he could forget all they had to discuss. His wolf whined, but he, too, sensed that same holding back in her, mixed in with a firm determination, that made breathing difficult, as she reached out and touched the tip of his dick.
“Please let me…” She looked up at him, smiled and then whispered, “Sir.”
Henry drew in a sharp breath at the soft title, and her brows drew together in a frown. She looked so adorably worried, as she chewed her bottom lip with her teeth that Henry released the death grip he had on the arm rests, and sheathing his claws cupped her face with his hands. He smiled at her, and ran his thumb over her lips, freeing them from the torture her teeth were inflicting on them.
A shudder went through her frame and she leant closer into his legs, until he could feel the hard points of her nipples poke him even through the denim covering his legs.
“Why did you call me that, little red?” he asked, his voice thick with emotion, and she blinked. Henry lost himself in the beauty of her eyes. The pupils were so dilated that only a small ring of moss green remained around the outer edges, and giving into the need to taste her, he bent his head further and claimed her lips.
The sweet scent of spice and cinnamon that was so unique to his little red exploded on his taste buds as he ran his tongue along the seam of her mouth, and Joanne opened to him on a groan. Rising up from her knees slightly she closed the distance between them further, until she had almost crawled on his lap, and his cock slid through her labial lips.
They both groaned and Henry deepened the kiss, while his cock did his best to seek entrance into her tight channel. Shit, he had to stop this. This was not how he wanted to take her maidenhead, but Joanne’s hips took on a mind of its own, as she kissed him back with reckless abandonment, while rocking herself along his dick.
It was exquisite agony having her soft flesh slide across the sensitive head of his cock, and Henry broke the kiss and using his claws ripped her dress clean off her.
“Yes, god yes, take me, please, Sir.” Joanne gasped the words as her breasts fell free and Henry drank his fill of the little handful that would fit perfectly in his palm.
 “So fucking beautiful, little red. Hold still, so that I can appreciate you fully.”
She pulled a face and dragged herself against his dick one last time before she held herself just poised above him. Little beads of perspiration dotted her brow, and she hissed out a breath when Henry ran his hands over her tits, and cupped them. Just as he had predicted they fitted perfectly into his hands, and he ran his thumbs over her tight little nipples. They firmed and grew harder for him, and with a wicked grin in her direction he bent his head and suckled one red-tipped bud into his mouth, while he rolled the other one between his fingertips. Joanne gasped and a renewed gush of her essence coated his dick, and the tip of his cock slid into her hole.
Henry sucked harder around his precious mouthful and Joanne’s knees gave way. The move meant she impaled herself on his dick, and Henry froze as she cried out in pain, and the coppery scent of her blood hit his nostrils. The tight muscles of her cunt wrapped around his dick in a vice-like grip, and Henry swore.
“Fuck, I’m sorry. Let me pull out.” He grabbed her hips, but Joanne tightened around him, refusing to let him go. Pleasure erupted along his cock, and spread through his body as his wolf howled his pleasure at being buried balls deep in his woman.
“No, it doesn’t hurt anymore, please, just let me… oh god that feels so good. I’m so full, and…”
Joanne’s voice trailed off, as her body took over, and she instinctively rode him. Her movements meant sheer torture for him, and he grasped the armchair again, to stop himself from taking control. Instead he drank in the sight of his little witch, as she used him to bring herself pleasure. Head thrown back with her hair tumbling down her back and long strands of it falling across her breasts, mouth slightly open, her skin flushed, and murmuring incoherent sounds, she was breathtakingly beautiful. The sight of his thick cock disappearing into her cunt, slick with her arousal and traces of her blood was so erotic that Henry’s balls drew up tight, ready to eject his seed into her. His wolf whined at the thought of marking their woman such, and Henry closed his eyes and counted backward. Anything to stave off his impending orgasm. He wanted her to come first, to be crying out in ecstasy, before he came, because his cock would lengthen, and thicken. His knot would hurt her otherwise.
“Touch your nipples for me. Pull on them, and make yourself come, sweetheart. I can’t hold on. That’s it, harder, girl.”
Hanging on by a thread he ground out his demand through gritted teeth, as her movements became more uncoordinated, her breaths choppier and her cunt rippled around his dick in orgasm-inducing temptation. He could feel himself growing harder, longer, the knot forming at the tip of his dick that would lock them together for a while after he spilled.
Forcing his eyes open his gaze connected with Joanne’s as she rode him harder, her fingers pulling at her breasts with much more force then he would have used. He pulled her down for a kiss and caught her groan of pain in his mouth. She kissed him back with desperate abandonment, and one hand buried in her hair he ran his free one down between their bodies until he found what he was looking for. Her clit felt hugely engorged under his fingertips, and he flicked it hard, sending his precious girl into an intense orgasm. The spasms of her pussy muscles send him, too, over the edge. Pulling away from her mouth he gave a long drawn out howl, as his dick locked tight inside her cunt. Henry released stream after stream of his seed into her tight body. The action set Joanne off again, and when the last tremors of her release finally stopped, she collapsed against him with a small cry.
He tipped her chin up and kissed the tears of her face. His gut churned with worry, even as his cock remained locked inside the warm confines of her pussy.
“Are you okay, sweetheart?” he asked. “We can’t move yet. I’m sorry. I should have explained this.”
A most unladylike snort was his answer, and Joanne snuggled in closer into his chest.
“No, you killed me.”

Thanks, Raven for letting me bounce around on here. (Thank you for Henry—R)
Stay naughty, folks.

D xxx


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