Sunday, 5 April 2015

#SexySnippets where i ask you...Who wouldn't like...Love at first bite...


Sunday wouldn't be the same without them

This week, I'm giving you your last nibble of The Vampire's Breakfast, unless of course, you buy it...

After all, who wouldn't at first bite...

The vampire's breakfast was well overdue. There was just one thing to discover. Who was the vampire and who was the victim?

When Dorissa and Rafe got together, sparks flew and sex was always on the menu. This time though it went deeper. And became a game of dominance and a race to win.

Dorissa knew her life depended on Rafe—he didn't. Could she show him how?

Rafe wanted Dorissa in every manner possible, except perhaps in the only way she could live. Would he agree to her terms?

In this game of life, could there be two winners, or would they both lose?

As dawn approached one of them knew that once the sun rose, nothing would be the same again.


Dorissa thought of him as a magician at times. He spoke, she 

obeyed. She wore no chemise, and the lacy neckline of her gown

scratched the sensitive skin around her aureole as she tugged the 

material lower. The scratch was so slight she almost missed it, 

except every sense was on high alert and screaming to be noticed. 

The material stuck at her elbows, and she shrugged to dislodge it. 

With her arms almost immobile, it was difficult to do as he 

demanded. The effort made her skin tingle and her cunt clench at 

the thought of what might be about to happen. 


The Vampire's Breakfast

(now available for preorder, out on April 10th)


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  1. Delicious anticipation in this snippet, Raven :-)

  2. I loved the details of sensation. Very intimate. I wanted to read on.

  3. Very suspenseful! Love the cliffhanger!