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Jenissa Wolfe is in love with her best friend’s brother. A man who seems to live in the books he writes. Even if he was to notice her, how do you explain that you’re a Domme. Needing to be in charge is as important to Jenissa as breathing, not to mention the small fact that she is also a wolf shifter, and has mind reading abilities, among other things.
Rob Mackintosh yearns to give up control to the right person.  When Jenissa, the very woman inhabiting his erotic dreams, admits she is a Domme and interested in him, he cannot believe his luck.
As they explore their dynamics Rob falls hard for his ma’am.
His love is put to the test however, when he learns of the secrets Jenissa has been keeping from him.

Can he forgive his ma’am and move on, or is that the true challenge?

Your #SexySnippet...

It must be nice to know there's an area of your life where you sit back and do someone else's bidding. Although Jenissa knew, understood and in fact loved who and what she was—an out and out Domme—sometimes, she thought it might be nice to decide she wanted to be told how things would be, and not have to make all the decisions. Scrub that, tell someone to tell her how things should be. Once a Domme, always a Domme it seemed.
Although there's one thing I'd love to change permanently.

Jenissa knew herself, and it would take a lot for her to be able achieve that or be dictated to. The first was nigh on impossible, and school and the pack had given her enough of the latter over the years, and now she was hard pressed to let someone open a door for her.


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