Tuesday, 24 March 2015


(nb this is a generic picture and no way is related really to the story... It just inspired it...)


The words were soft in his ear… The accent, breathy, French and oh so sexy…
Hugh hardly dared breath as he waited for what came next.
"Too loose. You must keep it in." There was a pause. "Tighter, hold it there."
Hugh discretely adjusted his cock, which was in danger of peeking over the top of his jeans and waving hello to anyone who might be around.
Not to be thought of now, when…
"Yes, oui, like that tight…keep it tight inside… Non…non…eh voila, c'est bon. Let's play. Perfect, bon, that is tight. "
So were Hugh's denims. Much too tight.  That voice, that bloody erotic, arousing come-to-bed voice teased him, held him in thrall. His tormentor switched from French to English and back. Hugh accepted the inevitable. He could no easier ignore it than he could fly.
"Play with the ball properly. Do not…non.. mal…terrible…Not like that. Be gent…ah yes…" The voice was choppy. Harsh breathing got louder and louder.
"C'est finis."
The screech of a whistle, the roar of the crowd, and the tinny music over the tannoy brought him back to reality.
Dammit, his team had lost. He flung the earpiece on the ground.
Hugh's phone bleeped.
"Hope you enjoyed my commentary of the match…"

It was handy having the referee as your partner.

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  1. What a fun tease :-) lol

  2. Great tease full of humour and playfulness

  3. Nice, funny, and enjoyable. Good work, Raven.

  4. And we are all reminded why accents are sexy. LOL