Sunday 1 March 2015

#SexySnippets can you feel the heat? The #HongKongHeat

Welcome to #SexySnippets, where we hope to entertain, intrigue and catch your interest with seven consecutive sentences from one of our works or WIP

I've just come back from sunny lovely Barbados, and although I don't have my book set there out until next year, Hong Kong Heat is also set somewhere warm, in probably my favorite city in the world.

(the lovely Emmy Ellis created this fab cover)

and here's your #SexySnippet

And hey, Hong Kong is as great as I remember and I can’t wait to get out and explore. This hotel lives up to everything it boasts about. My suite is amazing and the bed is big enough for an orgy.
Debra considered the last sentence then deleted it—it might be a bit too much for her children to read.
Everyone is so helpful and friendly, and wow, you should have seen the hot-bod guy in the foyer. Pity he’d disappeared once I’d checked in. (Only kidding, I don’t cradle snatch, but my eyes are still 20/20.) 

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  1. I still keep staring at the hot bod on the cover. Great snippet, Raven :-)