Friday, 20 March 2015

Featured on Friday...Juliet Chastain and Mr. B

How many orgasms can one woman stand? Miss V is about to find out.

Three women to one gorgeous man in a room of mirrors. Mr. B is as tied up and helpless as Miss V while two minxes work together to take them each past the point of no return. 

Mr.B  excerpt
"And now your ankles." They kneel and push at my legs until I spread them wide apart. First one foot and then the other is slipped through a loop of cord, the other end of which is attached to rings in the floor. I glance over at the man's ankles—he too is not going anywhere soon
"This way," says one of the women as she stands up, "we have access to your body and can bring pleasure to you unimpeded by any reservations or fears you might have." She caresses my face, her touch as soft as a feather. "And you need do nothing in return."
Hell, I think, there is nothing I can do even if I needed to.

Fashion photographer, Juliet Chastain, loves to tell stories and when she isn't creating a scenario with her camera, she's pounding out a tale on her keyboard. Just as she knows how to shoot models and clothes and make a story out of them, she can take a character or an idea that pops into her head and work them into a book.
Juliet writes various kinds of short stories. If you enjoyed Mr. B, you can follow more of Miss V's decadent adventures in the Kink Inc. series or check out the Intruder in which a nameless woman indulges in a steamy fantasy. Juliet also writes sweet-and-sexy tales like Making Waves in which passion combusts at seaside or Vampire Cowboy with a vampire going a little wild out West.

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