Wednesday, 25 March 2015

#MidWeekTease... Who wouldn't at first bite...

I was so pleased I'd remembered to sign up for #MidWeekTease. 

Then I got this fantastic cover for The Vampire's Breakfast, and forgot to chose a tease.

*Heads Desk*

Mind you, It helped me decide where the tease should come from...

As The Vampire's Breakfast (out from on 10th April) is a flirt, your tease is tiny... but...

I hope you think it's worth it...


The vampire's breakfast was well overdue. There was just one thing to discover. Who was the vampire and who was the victim?

When Dorissa and Rafe got together, sparks flew and sex was always on the menu. This time though it went deeper. And became a game of dominance and a race to win.

Dorissa knew her life depended on Rafe—he didn't. Could she show him how?

Rafe wanted Dorissa in every manner possible, except perhaps in the only way she could live. Would he agree to her terms?

In this game of life, could there be two winners, or would they both lose?

As dawn approached one of them knew that once the sun rose, nothing would be the same again.

a wee tease...

As the coach rumbled over the uneven cobbles, Dorissa held onto the strap to stop herself falling. In the shadows Rafe's eyes gleamed, and he gave his husky laugh once more.
"So, my love. Are we in the mood?"
"Well of course." She undid the cloak she'd only recently donned. "How much time do we have?" Dorissa knew it wasn't long, but Rafe in this state of mind wouldn't need many minutes.
"You have one quarter of the hour to make me come."
That was longer than he often allocated her. Dorissa knelt on the floor between his outstretched legs and he pulled her hair to draw her closer. She bent her head to nuzzle his cock through the fine linen of his trousers. Already it was outlined hard and thick, under the material. She nigh on drooled at the thought of taking it with all its male scents into her mouth.
"May I, my Lord?" She looked up at him, and the action made his hold on her hair tighten to tug it just short of pain. It was a sweet pain and part of their play that Dorissa relished. Rafe was a master at bringing her to the brink and refusing to let her tumble over into the abyss. She loved it. Every sweet sting, sharp pain, and eventual climax was all she wanted. Tonight it seemed she was to suffer the agonies of not coming whilst her lover did.
 For now.
"Of course."
That was the agreement Dorissa needed. In the darkness she saw only the outline of his body, and she worked by touch to open the placket of his breeches, and release his cock.
"No hands."
So it was to be mouth on cock then? Dorissa shuffled nearer his seat and ignore the sting-turned-to-pain in her scalp. Not for the first time she mentally thanked Rafe for insisting Aubusson carpet be put down in his coach. If the coachmen knew what happened between the silk covered walls of the carriage and on that expensive carpeted floor, they were sensible enough not to mention it.
He kept one hand tight in her hair whilst she bent her head and manoeuvred her mouth around the thick mushroom-shaped head of his staff. Dorissa swirled her tongue over the slit and dipped the tip into it as far as she could. Rafe tasted of hot musky masculinity, and his pre-seed juice was thick and covered every inch of cock she feasted on.
"More." He was all dominant male and she grinned to herself, before she took him even further down her throat. It had taken a lot of patience and practise to succeed in taking his cock so far into her mouth.

Rafe began to help her fuck him like that. The coach swayed and she began to use its movement to set up a rhythm. For each thrust by her lover, Dorissa relaxed her throat muscles only to tighten them to draw him back in. In truth she loved the trust he gave her when she took him this way. The fact he knew all she wanted was to make him come and swallow his seed was a powerful aphrodisiac, and Dorissa knew if he gave the word it would take little for her to join him.


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