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#SexySnippets with The Dom's Dilemma...

#SexySnippets with The Dom's Dilemma

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What are two Doms to do when their daughter wants to experience the lifestyle? Set her up with a sadist, of course.
Claudio Martakis is the best at what he does, and he will get her to see sense.
What happens however when Seonagh finds a sadist is just who she is looking for?

Will there be a happy ever after—or Dom wars at dawn.

"Not all males who want direction are dippy," Athol said, with a wink to Edan he probably thought she wouldn't notice. It made Seonagh wonder again what their dynamic was. Oh she didn't want specifics but…
"I thought I might want to sub, but I really have no idea what it entails. I couldn't go all meek and mild, yes Sir, of course Sir, three bags full Sir, especially if they were bags of bullshit. I have a mind of my own and use it."

"Bratty sub." This time it was Edan and Athol who spoke together.

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  1. Woohoo, and congrats on tomorrow's release, Raven. She def sounds like a bratty sub,lol.

  2. Great snippet. Congrats on your release :)