Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Wow it's Wednesday and #MidWeekTease

Well this last week has sure flown, and it's #MidWeekTease again.

So, I had to decide what to show you, and you know what? I decided to go back to one of my favorite stories.

The Price to Pay, was written a fair while ago, but Raig is still one of my  favorite heroes...

“For fuck’s sake, cut the crap.” The water in her glass rippled violently as she slammed it down. She stood and paced across the trailer before swinging to face him, her hair following the motion in a forceful sweep across her face. Ah, that was why his hands hovering over his cock and balls were ready to take evasive action—her frustration was palpable.
“Please, Padraig. Okay, I’ll accept I’ve been set up. Now I know why Lorna was so insistent I came to the fair with her and Denny. She knows I don’t do rides well. But what exactly was I set up for? Surely my daughter wasn’t pushing me toward an evening of sex and satisfaction?”
Laughing at the look of horror in her face as she realized what she had said, he made to reassure her. “No, no, Vairi My Queen, that was not in her mind.” It is in my mind though. Oh, by God, is it in my mind? “I was out with the two of them on Tuesday, and Lorna was saying that you’d been commenting you were in a rut. She wanted to help you to get out of it; all work and no play is not good. So I said if they brought you with them tonight, I’d show you a good time. I wasn’t thinking you would go a strange shade of gray when I did.”
That elicited a reluctant laugh. “Okay, I concede that’s my own fault. I decided to jump out of my rut. I forgot the parachute. Hell, I should know better; I even get motion sick in the passenger seat of a car. Should have stuck to hook-a-duck.”
He chuckled with her. “Would looking at the water round those cute little ducks not be making you sea sick then?”
“Jeez, Rake, drop the accent. Okay? You keep dipping in and out so much I’m giddy. It’s not real, it’s fake. Yes?”
He shook his head as he looked at her and replied with sorrow. “That’s where you are wrong. I’ll admit I’ve been piling it on. Lorna said you were a romantic, inspired by sexy accents, and as I’ve been told over the years, the Irish accent is just that, sexy, so I thought, well, why not? To be honest and truthful, the lilt is always there. It’s just been distilled over the years. I resurrected it for you.” He watched her as she seemed to mull over his statement.
“So, Rake, a good name by the way, what are you going to show me?”
His cock knew what he wanted. It was hard and tight up against the fly of his jeans, straining the zip in its effort to be free of its confines. He was glad Mr. Levi Strauss knew a thing or two about the strength of denim.
“It depends on how much you want to fly.” His accent was now upper class English. “I know what I’d like.” He saw her considering his statement. “I’ll be open and honest. I agreed at first, because of a photo in Lorna’s purse. The pair of you, somewhere sunny.”
“Barbados,” Vairi said, her voice faint. “Three years ago, just be- fore she married. It was my birthday present. We ate, drank, and sun- bathed. No sex.”
“Shame.” He laughed. “Does your daughter not understand you are a living, breathing, sexy woman?”
She laughed with him. “Probably not. No girl or woman or, I sus- pect, male likes to think their mother knows about, you know, sex. Okay, we’ve had the kids, but then? Zilch. Won’t they be in for a surprise when they get to that state?”
He nodded and decided to use the element of surprise to catch her off guard. “So, Vairi My Queen, did you come on the horse? With its rod pressed hard where my cock wanted to be?” He took a gamble, guessing she wouldn’t be shocked or offended by his frank speech. She blushed, but no angry words accompanied it. So far, so good. Now to make her less self-conscious.
“I could have done,” he remarked frankly. “Very easily. Hard up against your ass, feeling you rubbing against me and that bloody pole. Knowing it gave you more of a good time than my cock was gut- ting. Gutting. What I really wanted was my cock in you, never mind the pole. I would be your pole. Hot, hard, fucking you into oblivion. Hearing you come. Feeling you come. That’s what I want. To feel you milking me to fruition.” She seemed to struggle for an answer. When she found one, she surprised him. Big time.
“So? Why are you waiting? Be that pole, Rake. Because all I thought about as I got hot and bothered was you. You inside me, mak- ing me come. Now’s your chance. If you’re not bothered how old I am, why should I be? Cougars of the world unite and all that. Show me how you’re going to fuck me, Rake. Show me what you want, how you want it. Let me shout and scream for you.” 

The Price to Pay is available from Amazon, Breathless Press, ALl Romance and Bookstrand.

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  1. I like her frank and practical personality. Nicely done, Raven. :)

  2. Ah, he's such a great hero :-)

  3. I loved their whole conversation. If she wasn't blushing, I was!

  4. Great show of characters, Raven. Fab tease. :)