Friday, 29 August 2014

the anal countdown

Happy Friday. Where one picture propmts lots of 100 word flashes.

Hope you enjoy it.

"Shit this is the most uncomfortable position I've ever been in," he said and groaned.
"Shh, I've lost count, where was I?"
"Er at 3…2…?"
She squeezed her pussy muscles. "Liar, d'you want to win or not?"
Oh yes.
"Start from 10."
"Okay…so, 10…9…" She spoke slowly and in a voice designed to make any man come. Then she squeezed his cock again.
 He bit his lip so as not to come yet.
"Oh I like this. 3…2…1…" She chuckled. "You stayed, you win."

"Good." He moved, flipped her over, released his cock and bared her ass. "My turn."

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Happy reading,

Love R x


  1. That's a great game, lol!

  2. Great game, hot flash. Love it

  3. That is so clever, Raven. I fear I would cheat and lose cont repeatedly....It is indeed a wonderful game. There definitely are no losers!! Wonderful concept, cleverly written and precisely to the point. Loved it. xo

  4. Love the humour in this Raven!

  5. Once again, I can just see this happening before me. Great flash, Raven :-)

  6. Thanks everyone, I had fun writing it :)

  7. WOW!! Hot steamy, fiery!! Awesome flash. I like this game! :)