Friday 22 August 2014

#FlashFictionFriday My way

My Way.
Why am I creeping around like a cat burglar? A fancy dressed cat burglar?
Climbing out of a picture frame, looking as if I should have a knife between my teeth?
Because I'm the surprise.
Will he want it?
 That's the million dollar question.
Have I've done the right thing?
There was no way of knowing, not until the perfect moment.
Gabby waited, half in and half out of the frame. The lamp in her hand swayed and she steadied it. It was integral to her plan.
The door opened.
She threw the lantern. Flames surrounded him.


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  1. *shivers* What an ending!!

  2. WoW, quelle surprise! They wrote a song about you, "Evil Woman"! Fabulous flash! This screams for more, you know! Xo

  3. Wow!! Love the suspense and the "surprise" at the end. Great flash!