Wednesday, 13 August 2014

#MidWeekTease where Jeff realizes Kath is a sub and a half...

Secrets Uncovered, book 2 Diomhair is out on general release on Friday, so where better to take my #MidWeekTease from?

(I just had to put that larger thsn life)

So here we go, my #MidWeekTease

You were superb, pet, and I think that worked perfectly, don’t you?” In fact, he’d say more than perfectly. His cock was so hard and his balls so tight he’d almost come without trying. How the hell he hadn’t, he had to assume was down to years of iron will and self-control.
What? Before he had time to ask exactly what she meant, Kath wriggled round to face him.
“Except, Sir, for it to be perfect, I really think I need to return the favor. May I? I promise if I feel ill or your cum tastes like tripe, I’ll stop.” Tripe wasn’t something Kath had learned to like in her pregnancy. She stroked his tight shoulders and her hands kneaded at the tension there.
He thought about it. How could it hurt her or Bump? He had to trust the doctor. By God, if she didn’t let him come, he would hurt. It wasn’t Kath in a bratty sub mode, it was Kath as his caring, loving sub, who wanted to please him, her Master.
“If it pleases you, it pleases me,” he said finally, and was rewarded by the way her eyes lit up. She waited and Jeff understood this was something else to incorporate into their protocol.
“Pet, this isn’t an order or a necessity, but if you feel up to it, you can indicate your willingness after you’ve greeted me by licking the tip of my cock. And then you get into whichever position works best for you.”
Kath chuckled. “Don’t expect to have a dry head then.” She twisted round until her head was at cock level. “Oh, God, I’m so excited I’m shaking.”
He could see the shivers as they rippled over her skin. “I’ll be like you,” he warned. “I won’t last long, pet.”
“I hope not, then I might get to do it all over again later.” She took his cock in her mouth and sucked.
Red-hot heat raced through him, as fast as a wildfire and twice as potent. Jeff bit his lip and tried to control the way his pre-cum increased and his climax attacked his senses. He saw stars, and the world dissolved into a myriad of color. Kath nibbled from tip to base very carefully, then took his balls in her mouth and tugged.
He shot over the edge into oblivion, and was dimly aware of her drinking him until he was sated. 

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  1. Yay. Another book in the series to collect. Perhaps I'll read both of them one after the other. Fab teaser.

  2. Great, hot tease, Raven. I so like these two :-)