Tuesday, 12 August 2014

where I make people wonder if i'm all right...#TantalizingTuesday...

Yes, don't faint it's me...



She couldn't take her eyes off of him, mesmerized by the flow and ripple of his muscles under his tanned skin. He sculpted and shaped, until infinite with infinite care he put her onto the carpet of leaves. As he stretched out beside her, he lifted one hand and ran his finger down her arm and across her breasts. The gentle caress sent sharp tingles of arousal through her and she rolled onto her side.
Almost touching, but not quite, she leaned forward and pressed a soft his to his lips.
He sighed and pulled her tight to his body.
 "Next time love we'll have a bed. Soft mattress and downy pillows. But for now, it's a bed of leaves."
 She looked around, at the colors, the shapes and felt the texture of each and every one that touched—no caressed her body.
"This is perfect. No one could ask for anything more." She gasped at he rolled over until she was onto of him, and with one swift upward thrust filled her. Heaven
"After all," she said as they set up an easy rhythm, determined not to rush, but to savor every second. "Here on our bed of leaves we get peace and quiet. Inside, there's no chance."
A scream, a cry and a shout of "mummee, she's mean," made them pause.

"Ah well, to be continued?"

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(yes I first showed this in October '12, but I just loved it... and I can't find the pic I wanted to use)

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  1. Really romantic yet such a typical end for a parent of youngsters

  2. Aw, I loved this, and it's so true eh? ;-)

  3. Ah children. I don't know how many times something like this has happened to me.

  4. Holy shit, that was very delicious, and thank god I don't have any kids. I'd hate to be bothered in that moment, lol. Great tease!