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#MidWeekTease and Kath is wondering what if...

Hi all. Goodness, Wednesday already. I've had a few problems with the net this last week, hence no #MidWeekTease last week. Fingers crossed today.

So here goes...

My characters and I had quite a heated discussion over who could tease you this week. In the end Jeff and Kath won. Because, as they said very emphatically, the weather in Scotland is lousy, and it would cheer them up. Then Jeff looked at Kath and she giggled...

And it's up for preorder from this Friday, and early download on 18th...

Anyway, here we go. A tease from Secrets Uncovered, Book 2 Diomhair, which, along with book 1, Secrets Shared is going to be in print. From August 15th WOO HOOO

Kath had to cry red in a scene, and then she was sick...

He sponged her forehead. “Okay now?”
 Kath nodded. “I think so. Once I’ve cleaned my teeth and used the mouthwash.”
He scowled. “I said that fish smelled fishy.”
 Kath giggled, and he looked sheepish as he put toothpaste on her brush and handed it to her. She took it gratefully, pleased to be able to freshen her breath and not feel as if she was twenty and experiencing the after effects of a boozy night out at uni. Jeff waited until she’d finished and lifted her into his arms. His cock bounced under her ass, and she smiled. He might think it was all over, but his prick didn’t. There’s hope yet then. She remembered Jeff’s last statement and sniggered.
“Duh, bad pun, hon.”
“Yeah well, you know what I mean. Okay, pet, bed and a drink of water. Will you be all right if I go to tidy up the playroom?” He tucked her under the duvet as if she were a child. It was both comforting and annoying.
“Of course. But, well…” Kath looked up at his cock still hard with tiny droplets of pre-cum coating it. “We haven’t finished.”
“Oh yes we have. I can cope for once.”
 “Oh, well, good for you, but what about me?” She sounded like a petulant child. Kath, was wet, horny and wanted to come hard and fast, and it made her irritated. Yes, she acknowledged, in their scene it wouldn’t have happened like that. However, deprived of the scene, she needed those feelings to overwhelm her and let her forget what she’d missed. Kath ignored the fact she’d tried to cry red. There was a reason for that.
Jeff raised one eyebrow, all Dom and all dominant, and Kath shivered. She loved that masterful ‘I know what’s best’ side of him, but at that moment she wished he’d sat on it. She needed to come, and if he wouldn’t fuck her, then bugger it, she’d do it herself.
“You can wait, it’ll do you good, pet. None of this bratty attitude now, please.”
It seemed he understood her expression.
“Not when I can’t give you the punishment it merits. Not unless you want me to remember and add it to the one you deserve for scaring me senseless and then me having to wait as well?” He grinned. Kath knew that grin. Wicked, evil and plotting summed it up nicely. Under any other circumstances, her brat-level would increase, just to see what creative punishment he’d come up with. Not tonight though. She gave a weak smile.
“Sorry, Sir.” She loved Jeff in everyway possible, and to call him Sir gave her a delicious thrum deep inside her. He was her Master, and without him, her life would be colourless and bland.
He kissed the tip of her nose, and Kath wriggled said orifice. His touch tickled and she knew that was one reason he did it.
 “Ah, love, I’m cruel to be so stern, and you so ill. Try and sleep. I’ll be back as soon as I’ve cleaned up. If you’ve been good, I might give you a little treat.”
 “A climax?” Kath asked drowsily. She felt as drained as if they’d scened in the club. Dimly she heard Jeff chuckle.
“Maybe a cuddle.” He untied the ribbon from her ponytail and stroked her hair back from her face in a loving gesture.
“Mm, ‘skay then. That would help.” She rolled onto her side and wrapped her arms across her tummy. She hardly dared believe it might be true. To be honest, she’d given up hope of conceiving. Endometriosis and irregular periods weren’t conductive to having children. Nor is using a condom. Even though the chances of starting on the next generation were small, they’d made the decision together not to take any chances.
Now, unless it was the fish, maybe that decision had been taken out of their hands. Kath began to add up numbers in her head. Usually she and Jeff’s twin sister Jess came on within days of each other. The last time Jess had flung herself into a chair and muttered about domming Doms and stomach cramp, Kath had commiserated, thinking she’d be doing the same thing before the week was out. But now she realised she hadn’t. They’d been busy overseeing the construction of a new dungeon, and she and Jess had been told to design a subs’ paradise to go nearby. In between berating builders who seemed the think a spanking bench was a necessity in a wax play area, and one shower in the subs’ paradise was enough, she’d forgotten all about her missed visit from ‘Fred’. So by her calculations, if she was right, she was almost four weeks overdue, and… Kath swallowed hard and did her best not to let her heart miss a beat. It could have been the fish.
Yeah, and I’m Marilyn Monroe.
The mattress dipped as Jeff slid into the bed behind her and scooped her into his arms. His chin rested on the top of her head and she giggled as he rubbed it over her hair. Usually his hands would drift up and down, tweaking her nipples or playing with her clit. This time he stroked her tummy in soft circles.
“Still sore?”
She wriggled, and pushed her rear back to get his cock into the cleft between each cheek.
“Oh yes,” she almost purred the word as she plotted and angled her ass. A bit to the left and…
“Stop that.” Jeff moved back far enough to be able to give her butt a sharp tap. The sting it produced wasn’t hard enough to get her juices flowing, but enough to be interesting.
Damn it. Kath changed tactics. “I ache, Sir.” She scooted back against him again and hoped they wouldn’t fall off the side of the mattress. “I hurt.”
She twisted her head and looked over her shoulder at him. His face was all angles and planes in the low lamplight.
“I do.” She took one of his hands and rested it over her pussy. “In here, sooo much. Now, you could rub me better.”
“Good try, no.” Jeff moved his hand. “And nor do you, okay?” He was back in Dom mode for a second.
Kath sighed. “Yes, Sir.” She’d wait until he was asleep. She should have realised Jeff was one step ahead of her. With a chuckle she had to describe as wicked and dangerous, Jeff crossed his arms over hers once more and held them tight against her.
“Bratty sub, I love you. And I know you. No sneaky touches. Behave or once you’re over this bug, you’ll wish you hadn’t bugged me.” His breath caressed the skin of her neck as he bent his head and trailed hot little nips and kisses along her hairline. “Remember who I am.” His words had no command in them, merely humour.
“Hah, if ever anything is designed to make me misbehave, Jeff Sutherland, that sort of statement is. But I’m too darned tired to work out how.” She yawned. It didn’t matter how much sleep she’d had lately, Kath felt permanently tired. “Night, Sir.”
She thought he answered her, but her head was fuzzy. She’d think about everything tomorrow.

Happy Reading, love R x

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