Tuesday, 15 July 2014

#TantalizingTuesday and The Present...

This week my picture for #Tatalising Tuesday comes from Doris O' Connor who graciously let some of us put our own spin to her picture...

This is mine, I hope you enjoy it.

The Present...

"Turn around Miss Dawson, and tell me." He paused. "Do you like what you see?" The voice flowed over her like liquid chocolate, with the soft teasing hint of spice, and created shivers and tingles up her spine.  To say nothing of wet panties, hard nipples and a need she didn't want to admit to. Not there in the office, where anyone could come in and well…Dori blanked those images out. That was three steps too far out of her comfort zone
"Want to try it for size and shape? I'm at your disposal."
Was that a hint of laughter Dori could hear?
She turned around, looked at him, and swayed.
"Sheesh, not at all. That's not a cock it’s a cucumber."
Max laughed. "Busted, damn it."
Slowly he unzipped his trousers, spread the sides wide, and threw the curved overlarge cock shaped vegetable over his shoulder.
No wonder the suit seemed too big.
"I wanted to give you something different for your birthday. Come here honey and try out your present."
He moved the material. "It's not a cucumber. Just a cock with a rock.

The diamond ring attached to his dick by a ribbon sparked in the light.


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  1. What a crazy way to give a gift!

  2. humorous and romantic at the same time

  3. Lol, such a unique way to propose. How can she say no?

  4. Damn! I have to remember this for our next anniversary. Just perfect. I coiuldn't write anythingb that deceptive yet captivating.