Monday, 21 July 2014

#manicmondaymusings.. where I reflect and say Oh what a week that was...

Yes okay, I know to us oldies that used to be a very funny satirical show on British TV, but it sums up this last, fabulous week I've had.
As long as you ignore the blip of actually doing housework... I must be ill....

Anyroadup as my dad used to say, This last week has been really exciting. Two of my stories have been published, and it seems people like them. *grin*

It's so great when you get an emal or a message saying how much someone liked a story. A great big yee haa moment. So that plus a bottle (or two) of champgne from DH to celebrate the releases, has me on cloud nine.

So what was out? Well on Wednesday, Being Luca's was published  by Evernight Publishing.

This came about when my lovely friend Leigh asked for her name to be in a book. I used her married name and her maiden name *grin*

okay you can ignore that bit, but just in case ... *grin*

and on Friday, Secrets Uncovered, book 2 Diomhair became available for early download.

And... yes, sorry, another and, this coming Friday, Miss Simpkins' School: Jane is out.

And on that note I'd better get stuck in to my WIP. I get antsy when I don't have a WIP. It's like a bit of me is missing. So, the coffee is ready, the lap top open and off I go,

Happy Reading,

Love R x

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