Sunday, 6 July 2014

#SexySnippets Where Kath is in trouble

Sunday again, so hello to all my fellow snippeters. (A new word that.)

As Book 2 in my Diomhair series, Secrets Uncovered,  is now avaiable for preorder, from, I decided this weeks #SexySnippets should come from there.

Hope you enjoy it.


Convincing a Dom that pregnancy doesn’t mean the end of all play can take some doing. Kath is horny and determined, but what does Jeff think?
Pregnancy should be the happiest time of your life. What’s a sub to do, however, when her Dom won’t touch her? Kath can’t understand why Jeff is being so difficult. After all, she’s pregnant, not ill, and she’ll combust with sexual frustration if she can’t seduce Jeff into play.
Jeff can’t help but worry over Kath’s health. It doesn’t matter what anyone, including the doctor, says about sex being okay, his mind tells him otherwise. It’s his duty to protect his sub, even if he’s giving himself blue balls in the process. He’ll do anything to keep her and their baby safe.
With the two of them at an impasse, tension runs high, especially when the future of Diomhair is threatened by an unknown enemy.

As they pull together to secure their home, and their workplace, can they also resolve their personal problems, or does pregnancy spell the end of their Dom/sub relationship?

And here's the snippet...

“Bratty sub, I love you. And I know you. No sneaky touches. Behave or once you’re over this bug, you’ll wish you hadn’t bugged me.” His breath caressed the skin of her neck as he bent his head and trailed hot little nips and kisses along her hairline. “Remember who I am.” His words had no command in them, merely humour.

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  1. I love that last line and the underlining sexual tension in between the lines. Great snippet, Raven!

  2. Good snippet, and gosh I feel for her poor wench. There is something savage about a horny pregnancy. I hope she manages to convince him all will be well.

  3. I just love the tenderness in his voice and actions. You just know he cares so much for her. Love it.

  4. Such a great snippet, Raven :-)

  5. Sweet snippet. Love the mix of tenderness and humour.