Monday 14 July 2014

#manicmondaymusing Where I take a deep breath and check my diary...

So, I feel like saying slow down the world and let me draw breath. Smell the daisies, weed the garden—yuk (oh dear it's raining, the weeding will have to wait) or just stare out of the window and daydream.

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I seem to have been chasing my tail for weeks, even though I've had a fabulous holiday in the south of France,  watched Le Tour de Yorkshire, and left the races with cash in my purse. But writing has taken a back seat and I've been  trying to catch up.
I'm also back into the big red bus syndrome and book releases. None for ages and lots at once.

(okay that's not a new release but it is a big red bus)

This week I have Being Luca's out on Wednesday, 16th, and Secrets Uncovered (Diomhair book 2) out on Friday, 18th. 
Then Nina's Dom is out at some point although I haven't got a date yet, and Miss Simpkins' School for Seduction: Jane out on 25th. That's just this month. And there was nothing last month. Like I said big red bus syndrome time.
Not that I mind, I love release day. The build up and excitement, and the nail biting hope someone buys it and likes it time. every bit of it... 
I feel a bit guilty that if somone does like my books they might have to fork out twice, but I just hope of they do they think it's worth it.

In between all this excitement, I still have to do all the everyday stuff that makes life go round. you know, washing, ironing, cooking, yuk—cleaning, and so on. All I want to do is stroke my covers, drool over my heroes and share thm with you all.
I mean do you blame me? Wouldn't you drool over this pair? They  are so droolworthy. I hope my heroines think so as much as I do.  And if a wee look and wobbly kneed sigh helps me as I get on with the minutiae of life, then I'm a happy bunny.

So... Back to the ironing...

Be good and watch out for a giveaway very soon. And a new competition one of my publishers and I are holding... You'll need to be signed up to take part...

Happy Reading,

Love R x

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