Sunday, 29 June 2014

#SexySnippets and an Island on a Loch

(Or should it be in a loch? I'm never sure. Not that it matters...)

Welcome once more to #SexySnippets, where we tease tantaize and entertain you with seven sentences from a book or WIP.

Today, I'm showing you a peek of The Dommes of Ballingal, Kristin. This is a WIP which is making me laugh, cry and get all hot and bothered. 

Ever since the chance meeting with him she'd been antsy, and in the words of Dee, one of her sisters, it sucked, big time.
"There's a dark cloud hovering over my head and I can't shift it." She didn't mention the dreams she'd been having. Dreams where a man who never showed his face—although she was damned sure she could make him show it if she tried—came to her, and knelt at her knees and…

Stop it now. At that point, in her dreams, he looked up at her and then she woke up. Wet, frustrated and reaching out for something, or someone that wasn't there.

Hope that's whetted you appetite...

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Happy Reading,
Love R x


  1. Oh no, you can't leave it there! Great snippet. Cannot wait for you to finish this.

  2. This promises to be another great series, Raven :-)

  3. Love the dream interactions. Powerful stuff.