Wednesday, 4 June 2014

#MidWeekTeease with a big thank you from P.A. Partner

*waves madly*

*points to coffee pot*

Coffee's on the house...

It seems unbelievable that it's Wednesday again. I've had such a busy week, and a lot of chair swivel jiggling.

P.A. partner is an Amazon category best seller AND it has its Are silver star and on their overall best seller list...

Thank you all.

So, I reckoned this week's tease has to come from Martin and Byron...

Take it away, boys...

Martin shivered and his skin stung with tiny pinpricks of delight. Damned if he couldn't come just from that one long caress. He bit his tongue to stop himself flying over the abyss, and concentrated on taking Byron's trousers and boxers off. It was damned hard when his pre-cum trickled along his length and Byron licked it like it was the nectar of the gods.
The head of Byron's dick caught in his clothes and Martin swore as he released it. It was taking too much time.
Byron lifted his head and let Martin's prick drop with a gentle thud against Martin's leg. Byron kicked his trousers and underwear away from his ankles. Martin took hold of Byron's prick and stroked it. He used the tiny drops of pre-cum that slid down the head, to lubricate the length.
"Shit, I need lube. I want to fuck you, Mart. Deep, hard and long. But I need a rubber and lube. They're upstairs."
"Then many hands make light work and we can go heavy later?" Martin kept up a slow steady stroke. "And we have four hands, two mouths and anything else we can think of." He used his own mouth to add extra lubrication to Byron's cock.
"True. Strip."
Martin lifted his head. "Sure? Cos I'm somewhat occupied at the moment."
"Oh, I'm sure. I have a need to see you bollocks naked. Oh, and to see your bollocks." Byron laughed deep in his throat. That sexy, sensual noise hitched Martin's libido even higher.
Byron slid back a few inches and moved his hands to the buttons of his shirt. "Last one naked is a sissy. Winner choses what happens."
Martin sniggered. "You've got a head, or should that be, a cock's start." He slid his trousers down his legs and hopped around to get them off his feet whilst he dealt with shirt buttons and cufflinks. Byron deliberately toyed with the last button holding his shirt together. Then, just as Martin threw his second cufflink onto the hall table, Byron took off his shirt and stood buck-naked in front of Martin. He did a little shimmy and his erect cock swayed in time to the flick of his hips. It was stupid and fun. Martin couldn't remember the last time he felt so horny and so carefree at the same time. Sex was supposed to be heat inducing, spine tingling, cum-gathering enjoyment, and he realized it hadn't been. Not for ages. 


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  1. Nice to see them both being playful. Good tease, Raven. :)

  2. Love these two!

  3. Haha, last one naked is a sissy, classic, Raven! And all whilst dealing with button holes and cuff links. Congrats on your best seller status!!!!!

  4. That was fun and so sexy. Congratulations on all your success, Raven! :)

  5. These two are great together :)

  6. Oh yes, these two are having a fun time! Thanks for teasing with me, Raven. :)