Sunday, 8 June 2014

#SexySnippets Where Mia acts on Impulse and goes to...

Happy Sunday everyone. It's been miserable weather here, raining like well rain lol. Heavy and the drive turned into a stream.

So I decided to take my #SexySnippets from sunnier times, and faraway places.

Have you ever acted on Impulse? Mia hadn't until she went to Isola Dei Sogni and met a rather unusual man

Isola Dei Sogni, where fantasies and dreams come true. Mia only went as a favor for her sister. Her fantasy was a good book and a bottle of wine. Until she met Dylan. Then her sense disappeared and fantasy took over. Was it all worth it?

She wandered over to the open patio doors and looked out over the immaculate garden. The sun shone through the leaves of the palm tress and created dancing rays on the unblemished lawn. The scene was chocolate box perfect, and Mia was annoyed with herself for not appreciating it more. But for heaven's sake, an island of dreams. What dreams had she got anyway, apart from wanting to be four inches taller and two stones lighter? As sure as the sun set every day, there was no way that was likely to happen. Not without starvation, liposuction, colonic irrigation and the rack. 

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  1. Bless her, an island of dreams sounds fab to me. And *ducks* it's lovely sunshine here and warm ;-)

  2. I love this...the description is gorgeous :-)

  3. Good weather in the south too, still like the idea of a tropical paradise though. Great snippet.

  4. I know how she feels. Something tells me she will be feeling a lot better by the end of the book, though. ;-P Great snippet.

  5. Sounds like she has some body image issues. No doubt she'll be resolving those. Love the descriptions here