Tuesday, 28 January 2014

#TT and Two Halves of One Whole

It's Tantalizing Tuesday again...

200 words inspired by a picture of your choice.

This week it's a little unusual. 

Both Doris O'Connor and I have used the same picture, with very different results. 

So what do you think?

(Facebook Picture, source unknown)

Two Halves of One Whole

"Shh, there's no need you know. I understand. I understand totally. D'you think we haven't all felt like that at times? Wanting, needing, that special someone and not knowing how to show it?"
 He savored her touch. The way her fingers traced the outline of his lips and then slid slowly inside his mouth, to let him suck them and taste her.
"I have trouble vocalizing my thoughts as well Finn. I know you're the only one for me, and I accept I'm not good at showing you."
He sighed as she continued to trace the contours of his face. Her hands were warm, and her breath feathered his skin as she leaned closer. Her beautiful breasts stroked his chest, and the hairs that covered his torso stood up to welcome her.
"Ah Liana, How I've missed you. I've so much to tell you, so much to share, and at a loss how to do it." Finn closed his eyes to experience everything without any outside interference. "It's been so long."
Her soft laughter surrounded him. "Not long now love."
Mist surrounded her. Finn stretched his arms out to catch hold of…nothing.

The doorbell rang. He opened his eyes.
"Finn, let me in. I'm home."

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  1. Ah, the soft grey haze between reality and our dreams, where we spend the twilight of our love's abandon. Lovely....:) xo

  2. I sense these words are written from a personal loss too big to endure for any parent or couple, let alone the author. Awfully sad but beautifully written.

  3. Love your take on our picture, Raven :-)

  4. Wow. I am properly teased, and I desperately want the next 200 words!

  5. oh well now that as she is home what will they do outside if his imagination...???? can't wait well done great tease... hugs T

  6. So sensual and filled with anticipation. Love it!

  7. Yes it's very different to Doris' take but still so beautifully done both of them. Thank you

  8. I love your take, too! The emotion is beautifully written.

  9. Sexy, tender and fascinating. I like the wildly different directions you and Doris took.

  10. So tender. Beautifully romantic. Loved it