Friday 31 January 2014

Thumbs up Thursday...on Friday... with Daisy

Welcome to thumbs up Thursday on Friday.

Yes, confusing I know, but I was waiting for a certain picture.

Why? Well becasue today I'm thinking about good things, and good people. And this pic is about one of those.

Meet Daisy. She's (along with being a mischievous, fun loving Whippet) a Therapet. 

Therapets are animals who have that extra special something. They can be cool, calm and collected, (not that you'd ever believe that of Daisy when she's running rings round us and her sibling in the forest) and behave immpecably when around people who need the love a warm and cuddly pet can give.

Daisy heads to a nursing home every Tuesday, and according to the lady she owns (note the phraseology there) instinctively knows when to sit, when to stand, and when to leave.

Except last week when she had to be carried out! She wanted to stay a bit longer. Her lady wasn't sure if it was the cuddles, the biscuits, or the rich smell of roast Chicken that was the most enticing.

When she takes her Therapet jacket off, Daisy reverts to her other self. Cheeky, bouncy and full of fizz. I'm lucky enough to walk with her, her lady, her sibling, and her fellow Whippets, in our local forest most days. And when you see her teasing and encouraging the others to roll in that smelly stuff, chase the imaginary whatever it was, and pushing her nose into the pocket she knows has the biscuits in, you can't imagine her as Daisy the calm Therapet.

But she is.

So really this is a thank you to all people and animals who help anyone in the way they need to be helped.

If you want to know more about Therapets you can do so easily by searching the web. There's groups all around the world. (USA) (UK)

*Now I need to hunt out the walking boots and make sure my pockets zipped. I'm going walkies...*


  1. As June can't comment she's asked mt to add this...

    June Symmons Thank you Raven McAllan for giving these fantastic dogs from all over the world a mention and to their owners who give up their time for free. To mention but one project in our area .... You are all reading this because you CAN read ..... some people and many children find this an enormous task, one they can't be bothered to even keep trying .... some of these dogs help children learn to read! How ..... simple .... take dog and child to a library .... child picks a book ..... dog and child sit together and the child reads the dog a story. Child and dog interact, there is no pressure, correction or criticism and it is fun all round! Does it work? Oh YES. Thank you from Daisy and I
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  2. How wonderful, thanks for sharing :-)

  3. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing this Raven. We've been looking into Dogs for the disabled lately as a way of helping our autistic children. All of these dogs who help people the way Daisy does are amazing xx

  4. Many thanks to Raven for highlighting this great cause today, and kudos to those like Daisy (and their owners) who make peoples lives a little brighter. :)