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Take one fantastic writer. Add in a feisty heroine and a hot bod bear shifter...

...and what do you get?

Droolworthyness and The Bear Project

See what I mean?


so I collared him (er well maybe not the best expression, but you kmow what I mean)


Over to Doris and Cole...

You know I should know better than to ask Raven what she wants from me for her blog. An innocent enough question, you'd think, but then I get this back…
Raven: Hi Cole. I want you to tell me ten ways a bear shifter can please his lover better than a human can.
(Cole glares at me and I want the ground to swallow me up. Raven clearly knows this, because she says this next)
Raven: And don't you growl at me like that! I'm allowed to be bossy, it's my blog, and I'm going to take notes.
(And just like that I get pushed out of the way and Cole, well… I let him talk to you.)
So, Raven, are you sure you can deal with this knowledge? Not that it will do you much good, unless you know of any other bear shifters. I suppose there are a few in Scotland. I could put you in touch.


Raven: Um well if they're like you I'm all for it...

(He winks...)


Raven: Oh sorry I interrupted. So your ten?

Only ten by the way? I could be here all day, if you wanted me to, but I shall restrain myself to ten.
1.     We're bears. By that very nature, we're better at most things, especially sex.
2.     We have claws. Extremely handy to tear through clothes, ropes… skin.
3.     I can smell how wet my mate is for me, and I can judge just how to push her that little bit further to make her orgasms truly explosive.
4.     I have a very log and rough tongue. *smirks again*
5.     Bears love all sweet things, and we like to take our time with our food.
6.     You will never need a heater. I'll keep you warm all year round.
7.     My bite prolongs your life and makes your orgasm go on forever.
8.     Bears are renowned for their staying power.
9.     My cock is huge. *grins and shrugs his shoulders*
10.  Unlike bears in the wild, I mate for life. There will never be another woman than Emmi for me.

(Needless to say this wasn't the last of it. Raven couldn't just accept this, now could she? Does she not have eyes? Cole is six foot five of annoyed bear and there's no Emmi around to rein him in. She's the only that can, you know. There is nothing he wouldn't do for his little human mate. )

Raven: Ok your number one… How so? Come on Cole that's a cop out!  And your number nine means? It's not what you've got, you know, it's the way that you use it *giggle*

(Yes, she has a death wish, clearly…. *goes and hides*)

Well, now Raven, when you look up those Bear shifters, I'm sure you'll get a demonstration. I'd oblige, but my body and soul belongs to Emmi, and besides, I have no need to prove myself. Just ask Doris, she's still blushing at some of the scenes I made her write.


Oh, and I must go, because she needs my assistance walking… Emmi that is, not Doris, though looking at her… well that's all due to her Sir, I believe…

*smirks and kisses Raven's hand*

(And I am speechless. The nerve of the man… As for Raven…)

(Oh I'm still drooling) 



When Animal conservationist Emmi Layne meets bad boy Cole Jackson there is no denying the instant lust between them. She has a thing for bears, after all.  However, you cannot build a relationship on awesome sex alone, especially when you live on different continents, and have nothing in common.
Everything changes, when Emmi discovers that their night of passion has left her with more than erotic memories. She has no means of contacting him, even if she wanted to, but she hasn't counted on this bear shifter's determination.
Cole is not what he seems, and he will stop at nothing to claim what's his—even if that means breaking all the rules.
Can he trust the mating bond to deliver, or will it spell the end of an ancient blood line?
With the odds stacked against them, can this unlikely duo find happiness together?


A moan slipped out from Emmi, and his balls drew tight in anticipation, as she, too, lost what cover his old shirt afforded her.  She licked her lips, her gaze riveted on his erection, and he grinned. A primitive sense of ownership grabbed him, and he bent down, and grabbing her ankles, pulled her down the bed until her ass was half hanging off it and he could step right between her legs.
This position opened her cunt for his inspection, and her scent grew in potency as her juices coated her pussy lips. Cole stroked himself harder in response to that sight, and she whimpered. That tiny sound pitched his need to claim her to new heights, but he wanted her begging for his cock and so wet and ready that she couldn't stand it anymore.
A vision of keeping her like this, naked and at his mercy, filled his vision. Her curves would look so beautiful bound by Shibari rope, as she begged him for her orgasm.
His dick jumped at the thought, and he used the natural lubrication of his pre-cum to aid the ever faster up and downward glide of his hand.
"Cole, let me…"
Emmi looked up at him, her eyes so dark with her own need it took his breath away.
"No, I want to watch you come for me." A fierce blush spread all over her skin at his husky words, and she bit her lips hard enough to draw blood. The metallic smell filled his nostrils, and his bear roared. "Use your fingers to spread yourself wider, so that I can see what you're doing. Tell me what it feels like, and how much you want my cock, sugar."
Emmi shivered and closed her eyes, but her hands did slowly slide down to the apex of her thighs.
"Use your words, baby. I want to hear you."
"Oh God." Her groan matched his when she spread her labia wide and circled her clit with one finger. The little nubbin swelled under her ministrations as all the blood rushed to the surface.
"That's my girl. Fill your hole with your fingers, and imagine it's my cock, sugar."
Emmi complied, and the little needy sounds she made at the back of her throat were pure music to his ears.
"Words, Emmi, use them."
"I … I can't. I just … I want to come so badly. My fingers are not enough. I'm gripping them imagining they're your cock filling me, thrusting in. I want you so badly."
He growled, and she pumped her fingers faster until the wet sounds of her greedy pussy filled the room. The trembles started as her orgasm took hold, and Cole grabbed her thighs and took over.
Emmi screamed when his tongue replaced her fingers, and her essence flowed freely into his waiting mouth. His bear grunted his approval, and Cole blew against her slit and then bit down on her clit. The action sent Emmi over the edge, and he pushed two of his fingers into her clenching pussy hole. She rode those fingers as her whole body bowed off the bed and tightened before she slumped back down, moaning and writhing under his fingers and tongue.
Cole kept up his assault until the last tremors stopped and then crawled up her limp and sweat slicked body to kiss her.
"You're not playing fair." She mumbled the words and ran her hands over his chest, up to his shoulders and then down his back until she could reach his ass. With his body cocooned between her thighs, his cock slid up and down her wet slit and he indulged himself by thrusting into her just once.
Her cunt closed around him like a velvet fist, and Emmi pushed her feet into his calves and lifted up to meet his thrust. Their gazes locked when he pulled out and then pushed into her wet heat again.
"Oh, God, Cole, you're driving me insane."
His little human bucked against him, and her vaginal muscles clenched and released around his dick in an effort to hurry him along. It took all of Cole's willpower and self-control to not simply give her what she wanted, but he withdrew again until just the tip of his dick remained inside her entrance.
Emmi shook and groaned and pleaded, and he ground his teeth to stop himself form coming.
"No, we'll do this my way. Stop trying to hurry me, sugar, or I'll tie you to this bed and leave you hanging."
Her sharp intake of breath made him smile, and he paused half in half out of her sweet cunt, until he could nudge her sweet spot with short, shallow thrusts that had her luscious body climbing again. He could see it in the way her eyes clouded over, and her breathing quickened. Her fingernails scored his skin hard enough to draw blood, and Cole welcomed the slight pain, as he pushed her over that edge again.
"That's my girl. Come for me again. Beautiful."
He withdrew and flipped her over, so that she was bent over the side off the bed. With her knees on the floor, and her legs spread wide, her ass was there for him to play with, and Cole smacked one cheek and then pushed his fingers back into her vagina.
A rush of air escaped Emmi's lungs, and she groaned into the bed covers and lifted her ass up to give him better access.
Cole rubbed his stubble along her shoulder blades and kissed her spine. A shudder went through her body, and she sighed his name when he withdrew.
"What, baby? Do you want me to spank you again?"
He delivered another open handed swat to her other cheek with enough force to leave a bright mark on her pale flesh as the blood rushed to the surface. His possessive bear urged him to do it again, to mark her body with his hands and claws and teeth, but the man needed to be sure she was on board with this.
"Yes, God, yes, please, Cole, anything. That feels so fucking good."

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Author Bio:

Glutton for punishment would be a good description for Doris... at least that's what she hears on an almost daily basis when people find out that she has a brood of nine children, ranging from adult to toddler and lives happily in a far too small house, cluttered with children, pets, dust bunnies, and one very understanding and supportive husband. Domestic goddess she is not.
There is always something better to do after all, like working on the latest manuscript and trying not to scare the locals even more than usual by talking out loud to the voices in her head. Her characters tend to be pretty insistent to get their stories told, and you will find Doris burning the midnight oil on a regular basis. Only time to get any peace and quiet and besides, sleep is for wimps.
She likes to spin sensual, sassy, and sexy tales involving alpha heroes to die for, and heroines who give as good as they get. From contemporary to paranormal, BDSM to F/F, and Ménage, haunting love stories are guaranteed.

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  1. Love love love the interview and also just a mite bit jealous that you got to talk to Cole. Doris has been teasing us forever with the excerpts and I'm glad to finally have my copy. I can't wait to dive in and see if Cole lives up to his ten and whether Emmi can still walk. Happy Release Day Doris and kudos Raven on a wonderful interview!!!

    1. Thanks so much, Vida. Hope you enjoy reading all about it ;-)

  2. wow Raven you lucky bugger!!!! ;)