Sunday, 12 January 2014


It's Sunday...

7 sentences designed to intrigue.

Today my 7 are from Miss Sinpkins' School: Lydia. One of the books in my Regency series of short and sexy stories, Miss Simpkins' School. 
Miss Simpkins' School: where seduction's the game and sucess is the aim.

Lydia has been waiting for George...With a bottle of port as company...

*** *** ***** *** ***

“I’ll be gentle with you,” Lydia said and then rolled her eyes. “Oh dear, can I blame the port?” She put her fingers over her mouth, and quashed the giggle that emitted.
I want those hands over my mouth. I want to suckle each finger in the same manner as I hope to do her breasts and her quim. I want it all. George ignored his cock as it began to stretch the material of his pantaloons, and addressed Lydia. As a gentleman he also ignored the way her eyes flickered toward the growing bulge, and then back to his face. 

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  1. LOL. He should forget about being a gentleman for a few moments. :)

  2. Great snippet, Raven :-)

  3. sounds like they're going to have some fun! ;)

  4. Uh oh, he's busted. Fab snip, Raven! :-)