Sunday, 19 January 2014

#SexySnippets time

Happy Sunday Peeps. Hope you have a good one.

I'm in contemplative mood today... it's chucking down, and I'm having fond memories of an island in the Indian Ocean. So, my snippets have to come from Impulse.

With her glass in hand, Mia turned and wandered over to the 

open doors, which lead out onto a narrow swath of lush grass and 

the beach beyond. How on earth they managed to keep 

everything so abundant, Mia had no idea. The island had its own 

desalination plant, but it must be a full-time job watering the 


Somewhere a bird called, and was answered by another farther 

away. The palm trees swayed gently in the soft breeze and waves 

rolled lazily across the white sand.

Good grief, I'm in the middle of a romantic novel. So where's the 

tall, dark, and handsome man? Or should that be men?

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Happy Reading, 

Love R x


  1. Love that last line, lol. And I want a holiday now, darn it!

  2. Ooh...which island?

  3. Makes me want to hop on a flight right now.