Saturday, 25 January 2014

Lee Brazil drops by with a Cover Reveal...Giveaway... and ohhh my...

oh boy is it worth revealing...

just read on.. and don't forget to check out how to win an advanced copy...

In From the Cold
Cover Reveal Blog Tour

Raven! Hey there! Thanks for letting me steal your platform for a few minutes! I've got a gorgeous new cover to share and an advance copy to give away. *sips coffee* For those in the audience who don't know me, I'm Lee Brazil, author of m/m romance, and proud member of the Pulp Friction organization.
That's what brings me here today.
What's Pulp Friction? Well you might ask! It is about the most complicated undertaking I've attempted recently. 4 Authors, 4 series, 20 books, one fiery finale.
See, Laura Harner, Havan Fellows, Tom Webb and I create an interlocking web of mm romance serial fiction that culminates in a single story. Last year we took on Atlanta, and this year we're moving into Flagstaff.
I followed a character I created, who kind of got nudged out of what was supposed to be his primary role last year.
Cannon Malloy, neurosurgeon, was supposed to be Chance DuMont's partner. Things just didn't work out that way. He was, as they say, too late to get the worm. *blinks* Er…early bird gets the worm, right? So being late, by about five years, means Cannon gets no worm. Not that I'm saying Chance was a worm, though I hear some people *coughs* called him a variety of names during his interactions with Rory Gaines, who turned out to be the genuine love of his life.
Well, since I allowed Rory to steal Cannon's love, I figured I had to give him a second chance *hehe.  See what I did there?*
So Cannon picks up and moves to Flagstaff to get away from a memory of a love he really can't have (among other things)…and that's when the snow starts falling. Which makes this gorgeous cover absolutely perfect.
Look for
In From the Cold: Cold Snap
at eBook vendors on January 31, 2014!

About Pulp Friction 2014
Laura Harner ~ Lee Brazil ~ Havan Fellows ~ T.A. Webb
The Pulp Friction 2014 Collection. Four authors. Four Series. Twenty books. One fiery finale. Spend a year with an eclectic group of strangers brought together through circumstances, as they are tested by life, and emerge as more than friends.
The strongest bonds are forged by fire, cooled in air, smoothed by water, grounded in earth.
Although each series can stand alone, we believe reading the books in the order they are released will increase your enjoyment.

Now, I did promise to give away an advance copy- which will be available on January 30th. Leave me a comment here telling me where you'd like to see Pulp Friction go in 2015 and you'll be entered to win.
3 copies will be given away- all comments on each blog will count as an entry. So, feel free to visit each stop and leave a comment! (Note – each blogs asks a different question, so read carefully!)

THE FINE PRINT: Please read: All prizes are ebooks, in pdf format. Prizes must be claimed by February 7th. In order to win, you must provide an email address. If you do not provide an email, then you are ineligible. Although you may enter up to 7 times, you may win only one copy. Winner will be announced at . Tour Hosts MAY choose to post winners but will not be obligated to do so.


  1. I think Pulp Friction should come to Australia it's a great place to live and to visit

  2. Well, you did the cold, how about something very tropical like the Bahamas :)


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  4. I think that Pulp Friction should come here to New England. We have the ocean, lakes and the beautiful White Mountains in New Hampshire and Green Mountains in Vermont!!


  5. That is one amazing cover, Lee!

  6. I'd have to second the New England vote. I love the idea of an area with a history and its own story to tell.
    melora.derryth (at) gmail (dot) com