Sunday 26 January 2014

#SexySnippets with a very special couple

It's Sunday...

I along with many others have #SexySnippets.

Designed to seduce and entertsin you, we post 7 consecutive sentences...

So where am I today?

In a fairground...

With Raig...

On a roundabout. Letting Vari have her fun... (and therefore by default, and us...)

He edged as near to the pole as he could and felt vibrations run through him as it began to rub against his erection, the denim of his jeans increasing the friction, intensifying those vibrations.

The sensation of being rubbed, the knowledge that Vairi’s eyes were trained on him, following his tracks as much as possible, was making his climax a fast-approaching event. Even the thought that anyone could come along, see his face contorted with desire, his cock almost welded to the pole, ask what the hell he was doing, didn’t diminish his feelings. It probably intensified them. He never knew he had the incipient makings of an exhibitionist. As he flew past Vairi he spoke, his voice hoarse.

“Any time now," and felt his cock pulsate, fill, and spill. He felt the wet stickiness as it covered him, knew the telltale stain on his denims was visible to anyone who looked. 

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  1. Ooh hot! I have this one to read still :)

  2. Oh, you must read it, Dee. It's a fab story. I haven't been able to look at carousels without smirking, since reading it ;-) Fab snippet, Raven!

  3. *fans self* oh my . . . hot excerpt, Raven!

  4. This is definitely one of my favourite scenes in this book. :D