Friday, 15 November 2013

The Music #FridayFlash

Her fingers stroked each string in the same delicate manner she stroked him.
Daniel watched as she bowed her head, immersed in the music, oblivious to anything else.
Notes danced around the room and caressed him. Her soul reached out, and drew him in.
Only for you my love, only for you. Her voice was soft, loving and all he needed to hear.
The music grew louder. Daniel sighed and closed his eyes. His heart splintered as the notes seduced him.

He opened his eyes to an empty room. Nothing of her was left, except for the faint thrum of a harp string.

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Love R x


  1. What a twist for the end. I thought surely something else would happen when he opened the end. Great but sad surprise..

  2. Hauntingly sad. I felt the weight of his loss and loneliness. Lovely:) xo

  3. So beautiful and sad. *sniffs*