Sunday, 24 November 2013

#SexySnippets with Peregrine and Maggie

Peregrine's Prize Evernight Publisher


They called him Prosy Perry.
Anyone who really knew him—like Maggie did—understood that was a façade to protect his secrets.
When danger threatened his family, and his lover, he dropped the role and the real Peregrine emerged.
Now all he had to do was unmask the traitor and live happily ever after.
Was it going to happen or was he destined to be alone again?

Just how do you ask a man if he needs to use the facilities? 

 "Chicken broth, and my grandmother's pick me up," Maggie announced as she put the tray on the table. "Do you want it now or do you..." She gestured toward the cupboard attached to the bed, and blushed. The delicate red hue that warmed her skin fascinated him, even as he realized he did need to use the contents of the cupboard.