Friday, 29 November 2013

Thank Raven it's Friday TRIFfic books and random ramblings

And as it's the end of some people's working week, let's do the hoola... drink fizz and read hot sex...

And the hot sex is taken from Livvy's Devil Dom...just because...

"You accepted this last year when I first came to you. That was your chance to say no. You gave yourself to me, gave me your total trust and acceptance. Remember?"
She nodded again. Her eyes clouded over, and her expression was somber. Sael shivered. The room was chilled, and the light flickered, as if it was also worried what might happen.
"Okay, tell me the rest. Refresh my memory, and show me what happens next."
Relief filled him. "Thank you," he said simply. "It was always only a matter of time. And now is the time."
He watched her eyes widen again as slowly, lovingly, he began to run his fangs out. He conveniently forgot he had earlier promised her a safe word. He'd pay for that later, but just now, things had to progress. If she was really unhappy, Sael knew he wouldn't force her to do anything. He might be a Devil, but he was one of the good guys. He could only hope that with her help he stayed one. "You need to make yourself come, Liv. Touch yourself and let me watch. Let me see your eyes go smoky and sex-filled. Let me mark you drop by drop until I taste you, bite, graze, and make us safe."

I get a real buzz of satisfaction when I look at a back list book, and think woo hoo, yes this is a TRIFfic book to feature. And I'm writing just what I want.

Well almost, because at the moment my mind is full of the battle of the books to be, and I'm not sure which hero is winning. It's actually making writing difficult,becasue as much as I try to concentrate on one WIP, another three are shouting at me to write their story instead. Argh... Usually I can be disciplined and block out anyone who I decide can wait, but at the moment? Whether it's the time of the year or what, I'm not cuceeding. So nothing is getting done.

*glares at characters, rolls eyes, and blocks ears.*

Give me a chance and let me take you one at a time. *sigh* Okay, we'll toss for it.

Watch this space. 

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