Wednesday, 13 November 2013

#MidWeekTease From a new and only just bombarding my brain Regency...

"I need to make him notice me. My sister, is sweet and innocent, and in love with the vicar. I am none of those, but would be a match for Trevithan. He is entirely too old, too opinionated, and too…" She hesitated. "Too male for Clarissa. He would overwhelm her. I myself would not let a mere man overwhelm me. Trevithan may be smart, wealthy and a well respected peer of the realm, but he is not omnipotent, and needs to be made aware of that. Papa says if he offers for Clarissa she must accept. It is up to me to make sure he doesn't get that far."
Her companion nodded. "And I can help you in this venture how?"
The wind whipped the leaves into piles of green and gold, and almost immediately lifted them to dance in the ar until they fell to the ground to create another heap.
Miranda held the reins in one hand and soothed the horses with the other, as they moved along the uneven track through the trees. Even though the  carriage was small and lightweight, it brushed the overhanging bows as it swayed over the ruts and furrows. The autumn day was almost over, and dusk was falling. She shivered as she adjusted her cloak tighter around her self, and made sure her hat was tight on her head and hid her curls. If she hadn't thought it would cause unnecessary speculation she would have chopped them off and left herself with an approximation of a Brutus cut. The bright guinea color was rather too noticeable. All she could do was hope the braid and the excessive number of hairpins she thrust into it would hold it tight against her head.

The horse's bit jangled as she brought the animal to a halt under the cover of some bushes and a few low branches, which hadn't lost all their leaves. Miranda had reconnoitered the area carefully to decide the best place to execute her plan.

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