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Character interview Blog hop, with Maggie and Flora

Two books, two heroines, one end goal. Happy ever after…
Meet Maggie, from Peregrine's Prize, and Flora from Miss Simpkins' School—Flora.
Two very independent ladies from Regency times. Both have problems, both have to work them out, oh and both intend to.
I love writing Regency stories, and as I have two book out this week, both Regency, and both with very feisty heroines, there was no way I could pick one over the other.
So here we have it. Their joint interview.
Welcome ladies, I hope my twenty first century study doesn't alarm you?
M. Not at all. It's somewhat different than I'm used to, and your desk is tiny.
F. And where's the fire? You like in Scotland like I do, and I cannot imagine sitting in a room without a fire. Even with a plaid over my shoulders.
M. Unless you have a hot man to warm you.
(they both giggle)
Yes well, different times. So lets get on, seeing as you are both adamant you won't stop the night.  Okay, Maggie as your book is out a day earlier than Flora's, how about we start with you? What three things should we know about you?
M. Ah, let me see. When I had to lie low as a housekeeper, I had no idea how to check if the silverware was polished, and starch was a mystery. Luckily the staff were very supportive, and realized I was with them for a reason, not connected to counting linen and deciding on meat or game for dinner. Ah, I hate the color yellow, and my favorite flower is the daisy.
F. Oh I like that. So, please don't tell anyone, well not anyone from my era, but I hate the bagpipes, and cry when I hear them play a lament. Even though I hate them, a lament is so very moving. I dislike the quadrille, but love the waltz. Does that count as one?
Then for my third I admit to writing very bad poetry. Snigger
R. Well I couldn't write poetry if you sat me in a room and promised me no wine until it was completed. Right so tell me three things about your men we don't know.
F. He's able to guddle trout (catch them with his fingers), jump onto a cantering horse, and er well blushes He's an amazing kisser.
M. We guessed the last one. So, let me see. Perry works for the government, and had a safe that only he knows the combination to. He hares snuff, and can catch and skin a rabbit faster than anyone else I know.
R I like this. It's so interesting to find out more about you all. How do you think you would manage if you liked today?
 M. We wouldn't have to wear so many clothes. Yes, I accept I don't conform.
F. Nor I. however I suspect that is down to our menfolk.
M nods I like the way you don't have to have so many courses for dinner. We would be considered very shabby if we sat down to less than twenty or so dishes. It's ridiculous. Of course if it is just us, we aren't so extravagant.
F. True. Oh I have another hatred. Porridge with salt. The chef despairs of me. I have to sneak sugar for it.
M. I've only tried porridge once, it was…interesting. I've often meant to ask. Is it true a Scotsman wears nothing under his plaid?
F. blushes Oh yes.
These two don't need me to ask questions, they're doing fine by themselves.
F. Mind you I do believe that many gentlemen still don't prescribe to gentlemen's drawers under their pantaloons.
M. nods well it does spoil a god sit of the cloth, oh and a good view of the…
They both burst out laughing.
F. There is nothing more enjoyable that getting your partner riled up when he has to quell his inclination the swell his pantaloons.
M. Unless he then waylays you somewhere dark and private to show you what the swell is all about.
F. Oh yes…
M. Oh sorry Raven, do you need anything else?
 R. laughs no ladies I think you've about covered—or uncovered—everything. Thank you for spending some time with me.
 They disappear, and I sit and think how great they are.
Maggie is the heroine of Peregrine's Prize, out on 21st 

Flora is the heroine of Miss Simpkins' School—Flora, out on 22nd from

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  1. Thanks for 'uncovering' a tidbit about you both. :)

  2. You've got funny characters. :) And they could even be friends if they were in the same book.