Wednesday, 27 November 2013

#MidWeekTease with Mac and Holly

Wow it's mid week again, and the last tease until the new year.

So in the spirit of Christmas, here's a tease from Deck Mac Hall...

For ten years Mac had trained to understand the sort of Dom he is. Now he must explain himself to Holly and hope it's what she wants.

Holly has lusted after Mac for years, so when he suddenly announces this Christmas is the right time, she is determined to see it through.

Mac is a man of extreme tastes, and he's not all sure that Holly can be the sub he needs. He has prepared for this time for years.

Will all this preparation bear fruit, or is little Holly going to run away screaming? There's only one way to find out.

I run my own recruitment agency in the city, have staff, and I’m happy.”
“Are you? Really?” he asked, his eyes were more than curious.
Holly decided she now knew the meaning of the expression ‘looked into your soul.’ Her body was scorched by that look, her mind playing hopscotch as it jumped from one thought to anoth- er. She couldn’t help it; she squirmed.
“Happy? I’m not so sure,” Mac announced. Even though his voice was low, the ring of sincerity and authority was clear. “Not missing something in your life? I think you are. That indefinable spark has gone from you. I can provide it if you want. However, Holly, you need to be sure. Very, very sure. I’ll stretch you, de- mand things of you that you didn’t think you were capable of do- ing.” He lowered his voice even more. “But in return, you’ll learn how to fly. And we will be partners.”
“You say that now, Mac, so define the partnership. Because if you dominate me we’re equals? To me that’s a very unequal partnership.”
Mac lifted one hand in the air and his fingers splayed in what Holly decided was frustration with her.
Well, tough. I need to understand.
“No, Holly, that’s where you’re wrong. Okay, maybe some people want that, but the whole point of this is it will be our rela- tionship. Ours,” he stressed. “Designed by us, for us. There is no one-scene-fits-all here. I’d say ask ten couples what a Dom-sub re- lationship means to them, and you’ll get fifteen different answers. But in each and everyone, unless they specify differently, the sub is in charge every time. She or he calls the shots. Didn’t you read my letter?”
“Yes, but...” Holly stopped talking as he put a finger over his own lips, and then moved it to hers.
“Shh, you always did talk too much. There are so many other things that gorgeous mouth could be doing.”
Holly had never before heard such determination in his voice. Oh shit. Her clit did the samba, and her pussy joined in at the pictures that rushed into her mind. She pushed them away and concentrated on what Mac was saying—or tried to. It wasn’t easy when all she could see was a naked Mac bending over her and... No, no. Stop it already.
“Will you hear me out? Please? Without interrupting?” he asked. Only the faint shake of the finger over her mouth showed how tense he was. Otherwise he could have been asking her to make a cuppa.
She nodded, and he lifted his finger far enough for her to speak. “Okay, but I’m not saying I’ll agree with anything. And if I have questions after, will you answer them?”
He looked shocked. “Ah, Holls, of course I will. As well as show you anything you need a demonstration of.”
That was what she was worried about. What if she didn’t like the demonstrations? What if she did? His short descriptions of what he liked had her cream gathering and had resulted in sev- eral sessions with her vibrator. Holly wasn’t a total innocent. Her experience with a hot male body may be almost nonexistent, but her experience with her purple friend wasn’t.
“Yes, well, we’ll see. Okay, Mac, go for it.” 

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